[Can you drink pigeon soup for a cold?

】_advantage disadvantage

[Can you drink pigeon soup for a cold?
】_advantage disadvantage

The nutritional value of pigeon soup must be easy for everyone, especially for pregnant women and mothers, and pigeon soup has many benefits for them, and the pigeon soup is effective enough, and the taste is also good, so pigeon soupThere is also one of the foods that everyone is preparing for attention, but not all people are suitable for drinking pigeon soup. Some patients are contraindicated for pigeon soup because of their illness. Can you drink pigeon soup for a cold?

First, can I drink pigeon soup for colds: 1. I can drink pigeon soup for colds.

Pigeon soup has a better immune function and can promote the recovery of colds.

2. The minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and vitamin ABE contained in pigeons are higher than those of chicken, fish, cattle, and mutton.

Pigeon liver contains good bile, which can help the body make good use of cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Pigeon meat is rich in pantothenic acid to prevent hair loss, gray hair and premature aging.

So cold patients can eat.

Second, the nutritional value of pigeons1. The nutritional value of pigeons is extremely high, which is both a precious and delicious dish, and an advanced tonic.

Pigeon meat is a high-protein, low-feces food with a protein content of 24.

47% of pigeon meat lacks vitamin B16, vitamin C, vitamin D, and carbohydrates necessary for normal human life.

Long-term consumption may cause pregnant women to return to milk.

The trace content of pigeon meat is only 73%, which is lower than other meats. It is an ideal food for human beings.

Pigeon eggs are known as “animal ginseng” and are rich in protein.

Chinese folk have a statement that “one pigeon wins nine chickens”.

2. Pigeon liver contains good bile, which can help the human body make good use of hypertension and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Although people think that pigeon soup and chicken soup can complement, a large amount of pigeon meat and chicken meat are melted into the soup after the soup is cooked, and the oil in the soup can not be digested and then remains in the body.

If the pregnant woman is not active often, it will lead to weight gain, weakness, and dizziness.

Not good for pregnant women, it will affect the baby in the long run.

Pigeon meat is also rich in pantothenic acid, which has a good effect on hair loss, gray hair, and hair loss.

Suckling pigeons contain branched chain amino acids and arginine in the body to promote protein synthesis in the body and accelerate wound healing.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat is easy to digest, has the functions of nourishing and nourishing qi, removing wind and detoxifying, and has a good tonic effect on frailty, blood deficiency, amenorrhea, dizziness and fatigue, and a decrease of 100 million.