[Chestnut and what phase grams]_Recommended diet

[Chestnut and what phase grams]_Recommended diet

Chestnut is a common nut.

It has an excellent nourishing effect, in addition, it has the effect of strengthening kidney and kidney, and improving immunity. Usually, you should also understand some attention when eating chestnut.

For example, it is necessary to understand chestnuts and what kind of gram, to avoid health effects caused by poor diet.

First of all, chestnuts are best not eaten with duck meat.

Because the two kinds of ingredients have certain relative problems, if you eat them together, symptoms of poisoning may occur. The more obvious symptoms are vomiting and abdominal pain, which may even cause more severe symptoms such as shock.

Usually, it is best not to eat mutton when eating chestnuts. This is because both ingredients are hot ingredients. Eating together can easily lead to fire. In addition, it can easily cause indigestion and vomiting or bloating.which performed.
When eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat almonds. Eating two kinds of ingredients together will cause great irritation to the stomach and intestines, which will not only cause stomach pain, diarrhea and bloating, but also cause some poisoning reactions.It is best not to eat almonds when eating chestnuts.

Usually when eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat beef, because the vitamins in chestnuts are easy to cope with some of the nutrients in beef, which will cause the nutritional effectiveness of beef and chestnuts to decline, resulting in poor nutritional absorption.

The above simple understanding of chestnut and what phase grams?

When eating chestnuts, you should understand some food-related problems. When eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat mutton, ducks, and try not to eat almonds and beef to avoid causing some gastrointestinal reactions.

[How to eat mango is not hot]_How to eat_How to eat

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[How to recover if the cream is overdone]

[How to recover if the cream is overdone]

Fresh cream is semi-solid and has a creamy aroma.

When eating, the cream usually needs to be passed because of the taste.

When you pass it, if you don’t grasp it well, you will pass it too much. It looks like a pot of tofu residue.

Can I recover?

The answer is yes. Below, I will introduce how to solve the excessive cream.

How to do too much with fresh cream? If you use too much fresh cream, you can make mousse cakes, but the taste is not good.

The problem of whipped cream: 1) Separate the frozen cream you bought back into several pieces and freeze them separately in plastic wrap, so that each time you use it, you can take out a small piece and melt it.

(Super ugly note: I think that for 8-inch cakes, 1/4 cream is enough.

I used 1/3 today, too much, and some left.

) 2) Put the required frozen cream (covered with plastic wrap) in the refrigerator and thaw.

By the way, put the clean, oil-free and water-free large basin and the head of the eggbeater together in the refrigerator.

3) The frozen butter is melted in the refrigerator until there is no ice cream.

4) Before the beating, prepare a basin of ice water.

5) Use an electric egg beater to beat for about 10 minutes. The cream is thick and gradually hardens. It can easily pull out sharp corners without falling, which is almost the same.

Baking Tips For whipped cream, you must first choose a variety that can be passed, which is called whipping cream in English.

Fresh cream must be refrigerated before it can be passed.

Refrigerate the whipped cream for more than 12 hours before whipping it.

Add sugar to the whipped cream and use an electric eggbeater to beat it at medium speed. If you make a cake, you can use it when the whipped cream is bulky and can maintain the pattern.

1. Animal-based fresh cream is a milky white thick liquid extracted from milk, with a high trace content.

It is not sweet by itself, you need to add sugar according to personal taste before passing.

2. Animal-based fresh cream can only be stored under refrigeration, and refrain from freezing, otherwise oil-water separation will occur after thawing.

3. Many people find that fresh cream is not easy to pass.

In fact, after the right speed and the right refrigeration, the passing of fresh cream should be very easy.

Please pay attention to passing fresh cream, do not use too high speed, especially when sending a small amount of fresh cream, if you pass too much, the fresh cream will appear tofu residue and cannot be used.

4. If you are not using animal-based fresh cream or non-fat fresh cream, the price is larger and cheaper, it can be frozen and easy to save.

Many West Point stores now use this synthetic product to save costs.

The vegetable fat cream is sweet in itself, does not need to be added with sugar when used, and is firmer after passing, easy to maintain the pattern, has certain advantages, but the taste is not as strong as the natural fresh cream.

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鐜涘崱浣滀负鐜板湪鐏儹鐨勪繚鍋ュ搧涔嬩竴锛岀敱浜庡叾鐗规畩鐨勫姛鏁堬紝娣卞彈骞垮ぇ缇や紬鐨勫枩娆€傜敱姝ょ帥鍗″悇绉嶅舰寮忕殑浜у搧涔熼殢涔嬬晠閿€锛屽父瑙佷箣涓€灏辨槸灏嗙帥鍗℃墦鎴愮矇鐘讹紝涔熷氨鏄汉浠鐨勭帥鍗$矇銆傚箍鍛婃墦鐨勮鐜涘崱绮夎姣斿叾浠栫殑鐜涘崱浜у搧濂藉惛鏀讹紝浣嗘槸閭d篃寰楁纭殑椋熺敤锛岄偅涔堢帥鍗$矇濡備綍椋熺敤鎵嶅彲浠ュ彂鎸ュ叾鏈€濂界殑鐤楁晥鍛?鐜涘挅绮変负鏂拌祫婧愰鍝併€傜帥鍜栫矇閫傜敤浜庝簹鍋ュ悍浜虹兢锛屽厤鐤姏浣庝笅鑰咃紝宸ヤ綔鍘嬪姏澶э紝鎬у姛鑳藉噺閫€锛岀敓娈栬兘鍔涘噺閫€锛岀簿绁炴姂閮佽€咃紝浣撹川铏氬急锛屾槗鐤插姵鑰呫€傜帥鍜栫矇鐨勫姛鏁堢敺濂抽€傜敤锛岃€佸皯鍜稿疁銆傜帥鍜栧張绉板畨绗柉浜哄弬锛岀爺绌惰€呭湪瀵绘壘鈥滀紵鍝モ€濅唬鏇垮搧鏄彂鐜颁簡杩欑妞嶇墿銆傛嵁璁拌浇鐜涘挅鏃╁湪2000骞村墠锛屽湪鑷劧鐜鎭跺姡鐨勫畨绗柉灞辨儏鍐典笅寮€濮嬬妞嶃€備紶鍒扮椴佸悗锛岀粡鍘嗗己澶х殑鍗板姞甯濆浗锛屼綔涓烘渶鐝嶈吹鐨What are you looking at? You are so handsome. You are so handsome. You are so handsome. You are in a hurry. What are you talking about?I am handsome, and I am in a state of mind. I am a fan and a fan. I am a fan and a fan. I am a fan and a fan.姛鏁堜笓瀹剁爺绌跺垎鏋愶細鐜涘挅涓殑钀ュ吇鎴愬垎鍋ュ叏绋嬪害鍫О鑷劧鐣屼箣鏈€锛岄櫎浜嗗惈鏈?6 The New Han Dynasty: The New Man, the “Draft Manuscript”: The New Man, the New Man, the New Man, the New Man, “The Painted Man, the Painted Man, the Hong Kong, the Painted, the Hong Kong, the Chinese, the Chinese, and the Chinese, and the Chinese” ★Sorry, I’m so tired 55. I’m so sorrowful and sorrowful?0Crispy surname Hong Hong?6 Crunchy ╄Sichuan?Rugged and rugged?1绉嶆鐢熶唬璋㈢墿璐ㄤ笌澶氱鐢熺墿娲绘€ф垚鍒嗭紝鏋佸叿钀ュ吇浠峰€煎拰鑽悊浠峰€笺€傜帥鍜栫矇鎬庝箞鍚冩晥鏋滄渶濂界涓€锛氱帥鍜栫矇鍐插紑姘存晥鏋滄槸鏈€濂界殑锛屽彲浠ュ湪鍏朵腑鍔犲叆灏戦噺鐨勮渹铚滄潵閬洊鐜涘挅鐨勮緵杈e懗;鐜涘挅绮夋€庝箞鍚冩晥鏋滄渶濂界浜岋細鐜涘挅绮夊彲浠ュ姞鍏ラキ鍐咃紝涓庨キ鍚岄;鐜涘挅绮夋€庝箞鍚冩晥鏋滄渶濂界涓夛細鍙互鍦ㄧ叢姹ょ殑鏃跺€欐斁鍏ョ帥鍜栫矇;鐜涘挅绮夋€庝箞鍚冩晥鏋滄渶濂界鍥涳細鍙互灏嗙帥鍜栫矇浣滀簬鍋氱硶鐐归鐢ㄣ€?

[Hot pot making]_Hot pot_How to make_How to make

Awesome, tweezers, and hot pots, all of which are flawed, new, and new, as well as new ones, as well as others, chopping, hacking, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping簳鏂欓兘鑳藉奖鍝嶅埌杩欎釜鐏攨鐨勫彛鍛筹紝鍦ㄥ鍒朵綔鐏攨鐨勬祦绋嬮渶瑕佹敞鎰忎簺浠€涔堝憿锛熸棤璁烘槸閫夎喘鐗涙补锛岃繕鏄埗浣滄竻姹わ紝楹昏荆閿呴兘鍙互鍙傝€冧笅闈㈢殑娴佺▼鏉ユ搷浣溿€傝繃绋嬩腑鐨勪竴涓皬宸ф€濊兘瑙e喅浣犺嚜宸卞埗浣滅伀閿呬腑閬囧埌鐨勫皬闂銆?鐏攨鐨勭編濡欒浜轰箣澶勫湪鍏跺懗锛岃€屽叾鍛虫潵鑷伀閿呭師姹ょ殑璋冨埗锛屽畠鍐冲畾鐏攨鐨勯鍛筹紝涔熸槸鍒朵綔鐏攨鏈€鍏抽敭鐨勪竴鐜€傚師姹ょ殑濂藉潖锛屽叧绯诲埌鐏攨鐨勬垚璐ャ€傞噸搴嗙伀閿呯殑鍝佺杈冨锛屽師姹や篃鍚勬湁宸埆锛屼絾鏈€鍩烘湰鐨勬槸绾㈡堡銆佹竻姹や袱绉嶃€傚彧瑕佹帉鰻 氩 欎 嬎 嶅 嶅 嶅 姅 姹 姹 姹 姹 嶰 嶆 南 鍜 岃 璟 鍒 訒 南 娪 更 溶 勫 ソ 撓 雓 間 咒 咒 啒 鈺 咒 僕 鬒 鈺 鬒 鈰 咱 銆 鈈 慒 鈰 戒 咽 慓 楓 鈒 鈰 鈰 鈰 鈰 戛 僰 鈰 戛 鬒 鈒 僽I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m a teacher, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to doWhat are you talking about? Do you know how to draw? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to forge a fan? Do you want to make a fan?鐏攨鎵€鐢ㄧ殑涓昏璋冨懗鍝佹湁锛氳眴鐡o紙浠ラ儷鍘胯眴鐡d负涓婏級銆佽眴璞夈€侀啰绯熸眮銆佽姳妞掋€佽€佸銆佸ぇ钂溿€佺簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮俱€佹枡閰掋€佺墰娌广€佹按銆佺碂杈f銆侀夯娌广€佽儭妞掔矇銆佸啺绯栧拰浜旈鏂欑瓑銆?鍋氭硶姝ラ1銆佹瘺鑲濈敤娓呮按婕傚噣婕傜櫧锛岀墖鎴愪箣鍘樼背瀹界殑闀胯杽鐗囷紝鐢ㄥ噳姘存紓璧枫€傝倽銆佽叞鍜岀墰鑲夊潎鐗囨垚鍙堣杽鍙堝ぇ鐨勭墖銆?銆佽懕鍜岃挏鑻楀潎鍒囨垚7涓€10鍘樼背闀跨殑娈点€傞矞鑿滐紙鑾茶姳鐧姐€佽姽鑿溿€侊級鍗峰績鑿溿€佽睂璞嗚嫍鍧囧彲锛夛紝鐢ㄦ竻姘存礂鍑€锛屾挄鎴愰暱鐗囥€?銆佽眴榧撱€佽眴鐡e墎纰庛€傜倰閿呯疆涓伀涓婏紝涓嬬墰娌?5鍏嬨€佺儳鑷冲叓鎴愮啛锛堢害180鈩冿級鏃讹紝鏀惧叆璞嗙摚鐐掗叆锛屽姞鍏ュ鏈€佽荆妞掔矇銆佽姳妞掔倰棣欙紝鍐嶅叆鐗涜倝姹ょ儳娌革紝绉昏嚦鏃虹伀涓婏紝鏀惧叆鏂欓厭銆佽眴榧撱€侀啰绯熸眮锛岀儳娌稿嚭鍛筹紝鎾囧敖娴搏锛屽嵆涓虹伀閿呭崵姹併€?The most important thing is that it’s a great place for you. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of time.涓婃锛屽悇绉嶈倝鑿滃師鏂欏垎鍒瘡鍏ョ洏涓紝涓庣簿鐩愩€佺墰娌?25鍏嬪悓鏃朵笂妗岋紝闄よ剨楂撱€佽懕銆佽挏鑻楄鍏堜笅鍏ョ伀閿呭锛屽叾瀹冨師鏂欑敱瀹㈠叆闅忛闅忋€傜儷锛屽苟鏍规嵁姹ゅ懗娴撴贰閫傞噺鍔犲叆绮剧洂鍜岀墰娌广€?

[How to make potato noodles?

It was delicious first!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to make potato noodles?
It was delicious first!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

Nowadays, people have a lot of work pressure. In addition, many people usually have bad dietary habits, as well as many reasons, such as harsh environments, which cause some people to grow old quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more anti-aging foods and some potatoes.The anti-aging effect is very prominent. This is because potatoes are very nutritious, so we will teach you how to make potato noodles.

First, 1/2 can of potato gluten, 1 serving of refrigerated cooked noodles, 1/2 cup of cabbage, shredded carrots, salt, 1 cup of water, shredded pork, and minced garlic.

) Prepare the materials separately.


) Add a small amount of oil to the pot, heat over medium heat, add garlic and sauté. After the flavor is released, add shredded pork, carrot shredded, Korean shredded pork, and turn to high heat and fry, then add salt andThe water is boiled together.


) Add ramen, potato gluten, stir fry, then turn off the heat, and then serve on the plate to complete.

Second, curry-flavored potato noodle materials noodles, water, potatoes, cucumbers, cumin powder, salt, soy sauce practice 1.

Pour the diced potatoes into a frying pan and stir fry until golden and soft 2.

Add a small amount of oil, add the potatoes to the pot again, and add seasoning 3.

Add diced cucumber to the pan and stir fry 4.

Add water and continue to stir fry 5.

In another pot, make noodles 6.

Then the prepared potato soup is poured on the noodles and a plate of delicious noodles is made, which is both delicious and delicious!

Third, potato flour wonton materials potatoes, ham, flour, eggs.

Seasoning: According to your favorite method of adding a lot of potatoes at home, change the pattern for cooking 1: Add the eggs to the flour to make a paste, it should be adjusted a little earlier, it will be more gluten, and add the eggs to the dough to eatExcessive chewing 2: Potato peeled and cut into strips, not too thin, easy to break, shredded ham 3: Add hot oil to the pan, add ham shreds, stir-fry the potatoes, add water, and add as much water as you wantAdded.

4: After the water has boiled, you can put the adjusted batter into the pot by hand, and watch the noodles in the pot become yellow and clear, bright 5: At this timeYou can add the seasoning, refined salt, chicken essence, most of the soy sauce, soy sauce can increase the color, you can add some dried peppers if you like spicy, and add pepper powder if you like pepper.Okay.

[How to make potato bean noodles]_Homemade methods of potato bean noodles_How to make potato bean noodles_How to make potato beans

[How to make potato bean noodles]_Homemade methods of potato bean noodles_How to make potato bean noodles_How to make potato beans

For most cities, it is not difficult to find that roadside stalls abound.

Although this is convenient for many people, who can guarantee the hygiene of the meal?

Eating roadside stalls for a long time will inevitably lead to major diseases.

And for health or you can choose to eat at home.

Below, I will introduce to you how to make potato bean noodles.


1 Beans simmered into small segments 2.

2 Cut potatoes into hob pieces and pork belly into small pieces.

1 Add beans, potatoes, garlic slices and stir well 4.

2 oil pan, put pork belly slices, simmer oil, add wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce, Huoxiang 5.

Add water without cooking 6.

Separate the noodles on top of the dish 7.

Cover it, simmer until the dried noodles are cooked, and mix the noodles evenly to get the potato bean jelly noodles. Here is the introduction. Friends, do you know this dish and learn how to make it?

Then hurry home and try it yourself in the kitchen!

Jidong Cement (000401): Q3 sales decline due to weather factors

Jidong Cement (000401): Q3 sales decline due to weather factors

Event Overview: Jidong Cement released three quarterly reports.

The company achieved operating income of 101 in Q3 2019.

800 million US dollars, a comparable increase of 10 years.

95%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 9.

900 million, a decade of comparable caliber growth.


Q3 sales decreased due to weather factors, but gross profit per ton remained good.

The company’s performance was slightly lower than our expectations.

Q3 Rainwater weather in Shaanxi increased, and pollution control in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in September, so the demand in the northern region was affected.

The company’s Q3 cement clinker sales 2886 at least doubled.

2%, we predict that the average cement clinker of Q3 company will be 323 yuan / ton per kilogram, each time it will increase by more than 30 yuan / ton, the gross profit per ton will be 123 yuan / ton, and the net profit will be over 15 yuan / ton.Above 15 yuan / ton, the profit margin of the cement business remains good under a high economic climate.

The noise reduction effect is significant, and the impairment of assets has dragged down profit growth.

As of the third quarter of 2019, the company’s asset-liability ratio was 53.

8%, Q2 continues to fall by 1.

2 averages, with interest denying 151.

500 million, about 2.6 billion lower than Q2.

At least $ 100 million, but due to Q3 the company withdrew asset impairment 青岛夜网 losses1.

3 ‰ (increased by 1 each year.

100 million), the company’s profit growth was dragged down.

The high business climate in Q4 is expected to maintain, and the medium and long-term outlook is still positive.

We believe that the demand for cement suppressed in Q3 will be partially released in Q4, and the existing inventory in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is at a low level of 40-50%, and the Northeast overload accident will be tightened, and it is expected that the impact of external cement will be reduced, thereby making Beijing-TianjinQ4 in Hebei region maintained a high prosperity.

At the same time, we believe that short-term fluctuations in Q3 will not hinder the company’s medium- and long-term prospects: 1) Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integrated Construction Company’s core regional demand continues to grow 杭州桑拿 steadily, and 2) China United Cement Reorganization and Tongli Cement will optimize the use of Henan ‘s competitive landscape.

  Investment recommendation Based on a more conservative forecast for the Q4 heating season, we lower our 2019 earnings forecast4.

2% to 28.

95 million, but considering the medium and long-term prospects are better, maintain the net profit forecast for 2020-2021 unchanged.

Maintain target price of 19.

RMB 67 and “Buy” rating.

  Risks indicate that demand is lower than expected, the implementation of environmental protection and production restrictions is relaxed, and systemic risks.

China Railway (601390) Quarterly Review: Performance Exceeds Expectation Order Growth Continues to Rebound

China Railway (601390) Quarterly Review: Performance Exceeds Expectation Order Growth Continues to Rebound

The performance exceeded expectations, and the company maintained its “overweight” rating.

700 million, a year-on-year increase of +15.

4%, achieving net profit of 154.

800 million, a year-on-year increase of +18.

At 7%, net profit after deducting non-return to motherhood increased by 21% year-on-year, and performance exceeded our expectations of the market.

19Q1-3 The company’s net operating cash flow was -409.

2 trillion, more than 82 times a year.

4 trillion, cash flow is still under pressure.

As of the end of 19Q3, the company had 3 outstanding contracts in hand.

1 trillion, an increase of 7% over the end of 18, is 4 of 18 years of income.

2 times, the company has full orders in hand. We continue to be optimistic about the upward trend of order performance. It is expected that EPS in 19-21 will be 0.



05 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The net profit attributable to mothers increased in Q3, and the main construction business grew steadily in 19Q1-3, with an income growth rate of 15%.

4%, of which Q1 / Q2 / Q3 single quarter growth rate was 8% / 20% / 17%, Q3 revenue growth slightly changed, 19Q1-3 attributed to mother net profit growth rate of 18.

7%, of which Q1 / Q2 / Q3 single-quarter growth rate was 20% / 5% / 42% respectively. The accelerated recovery of performance was mainly due to the high growth of the main construction business and the loss of asset impairment (including credit) in the first three quarters.50%.

In 19Q1-3, the company realized construction business income of 4,964 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +17.

8%, the main construction business maintained a steady growth, and the three businesses of survey and design / equipment manufacturing / real estate development achieved revenue of 112.



400 million, a year-on-year increase of +7.

4% / + 7% / + 13.

2%, real estate business revenue growth rate was earlier than 19H1 (12.

6%) slightly improved.

The net interest rate increased, the cost control ability was enhanced, and the asset and liability structure was optimized.

19 points to 9.

99%, the interval of infrastructure construction / survey design / equipment manufacturing / actual gross profit margin changed by -0 respectively.

02 / -0.

41 / + 0.

13 / + 4.

41pct, net interest rate increased by 0 compared with the same period last year.

26 points to 2.


Cost during the period of 19Q1-3 5.

79%, a decrease of 0 every year.

1pct, where the sales / management (plus R & D) / financial expense ratios are 0.

51% / 4.60% / 0.

66%, respectively +0.

06 / -0.

03 / -0.

12pct, the cost control ability has been enhanced.

19Q1-3 Asset Mortgage 77.

28%, a decrease from the same period last year.

37pct, we believe that debt-to-equity swaps can alleviate the company’s financial burden to some extent and optimize the asset-liability structure.

In the new year, the order continues to accelerate, reaching the highest growth rate in 19 years. The total number of new contracts signed by the company in 19Q1-3 was 10896.

800 million, a year-on-year increase of +14.

5%, an increase of 4% from the earlier 19H1, of which Q3 single quarter +22.

7%, up 2 pct month-on-month, the highest growth rate in 18 years.

In sub-sectors, 19Q1-3 signed a new contract for infrastructure construction 9081.

90,000 yuan, +17.

9%, an increase of 4 from the earlier 19H1.

5pc, of which the railway / municipal high-rise growth rate reached 11% / 29%, respectively, is the leading rebound in infrastructure orders.

Q3 single quarter infrastructure construction YoY + 27.

6%, up 4 pct from the previous month, reaching the highest level in 18 years.

19Q1-3 Real Estate Sales 420.

700 million, a year-on-year increase of +15.

5% in the third quarter of a single quarter +41.

6%, real estate sales accelerated.

By region, 10308 new domestic contracts were signed in 19Q1-3.

500 million, a year-on-year increase of +13.

6%, 588 new contracts were signed overseas.

300 million, a year-on-year increase of +34.

8%, increasing overseas expansion.

Revenue and performance increase steadily. Maintain “overweight” rating company’s revenue and performance increase steadily, and the orders on hand are full. We expect the company’s EPS in 19-21 to be 0.



05 (previous average 0.



13 yuan, the 杭州桑拿网 adjustment is mainly due to the issuance of shares to purchase assets caused by changes in total equity), with reference to the current comparable company 19 years wind consensus 7

63 times PE level, recognition given to the company for 7 years 19 years.


0 times PE with a target price of 6.


48 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: The carry-over of engineering orders is less than expected, and the improvement in gross profit margin is less sustainable than expected.