Taboo is a part of TCM theory and practice.

  There are two main types: one is to avoid certain types of food.

Such as: liver disease avoid spicy; heart disease avoid salty; edema avoid salt; bone disease avoid sour and sweet; bile disease avoid greasy; cold disease avoid fruits and vegetables; boils and fish and shrimp; dizziness, insomnia avoid pepper, pepper, tea and so on.

  The other type refers to a certain type of disease avoiding certain foods.

For patients with yin deficiency and internal heat, phlegm and fire, and fluid loss, do not eat ginger, pepper, and lamb with a warm and dry diet; where the external sensations are not removed, sore throat, eye disease, sores, and acne,When eating mustard mustard, garlic, crab, eggs and other turbulent products; those who are hot and humid inside, when eating sugar, pork, butter, rice wine and other hot and humid diet;Serious illness, postpartum people, watermelon, plums, snails, crabs, mussels and other cold-loss diets should be avoided; all kinds of blood loss, hemorrhoids, pregnant women and others should not eat bloody diets such as mushrooms, peppers, etc.Blood-breaking menstruation, highly toxic, emetic and hot, smooth products.

  Some of the taboos have proven to be reasonable, while others are unrealistic and can be used for reference in medicated applications.

Common psychological causes of couples having extramarital affairs

Common psychological causes of couples having extramarital affairs

The family is the cell of society, the bond that maintains the relationship between husband and wife, and the emotional and psychological needs.

Once this “bond” has undergone a qualitative change, the marriage relationship will be out of balance.

The common causes of couples having an affair are as follows: The lonely husband is often not with his wife, and his wife is not dependent on her spirit.

If you encounter a suitable opposite sex, it will lead to extramarital affairs.

  Lost psychology is more common in the lack of understanding before marriage, fall in love at first sight, hastily married; or just “love to cook mature rice” and “involuntary.

Living together after marriage can easily lead to a sense of psychological loss, and consequently germination.

  Resentment of psychological sexual life is a very important content in the life of husband and wife.

If the partner neglects to give the other person enough warmth, or the husband is greedy for wine, and fails to meet the wife’s normal physiological needs, it will cause the wife to have resentment and cause extramarital affairs.

  Some husbands are disloyal to their wives and cheat on the outside. When the wife finds out, they may have revenge: Since you can seduce flowers outside, why ca n’t I go to look for sustenance?

  Superior wives or wives with higher education backgrounds or a few husbands. If they are not aggressive, they will easily make their wives “hate iron and steel” and feel that their husbands are not worthy of themselves.

Therefore, wives who are better than their husbands in all aspects have a chance to break out of extramarital affairs, because there are men around them who are better than their husbands.

  Some people love money because of greed for each other’s money, regardless of their personality, in exchange for a few copper plates, thereby forming an extramarital affair.

  Some men and women in the Xiangyue psychology help and support each other at work. Over time, the two sides share common feelings and love each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, a good helper at work may not be a good husband and wife in life.

  Mutual benefit psychology Some people have extra-marital affair because of the relative relationship at work, using each other, cooperating with each other, and committing crimes in partnership.

  Some couples with a strange mind have a normal life and feel dull, but the heroine of the film and television is entangled with their lover, the waves are flowing, they are enjoying the taste, they are free, and they also want to experience this kind of life, so, inDriven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.

  At the same time, in order to improve the quality of marriage, couples should understand the psychological trajectories of extramarital affairs, strengthen communication, start with themselves, and adjust the relationship between husband and wife in a timely manner so that they are continuously sublimated.

In this way, the stability of the family and the happiness of marriage can be guaranteed.

If you find your boyfriend derailed

If you find your boyfriend derailed

Question: Walking on the street, I accidentally asked to meet my boyfriend who is in love with you and another mature woman.

What can you do when it is inevitable?

Please select one of the following 4 most likely to be adopted before listening to the decomposition.


Filled with indignation, turned away and ignored her boyfriend.


Leaving first, then sneaking in to see what they are doing.


Greet them generously, pretending not to care.


Walk away quietly to see what he justified afterwards.

  Results 1.

You are a vulnerable person, you care too much about the exclusivity of your emotions, and your character is really good.

In your heart, you lack the courage to firmly hold each other’s courage, and you don’t have the confidence to outperform the competition of other girls, so you have to be very angry and avoid it.

Maybe you care too much about your boyfriend and use your emotions too much, so you don’t wait for the situation to get angry. What if you get it wrong?

Remember, non-boyfriends have the right to pursue comparisons before marriage, and you have them too!

What’s more, people who lack a sense of competition often don’t easily get good dream lovers!


You are too sane, so you will be able to follow each other in peace.

In fact, this is far from a viable solution. What about tracking it?

In your bones, you’re a crazy girl, curious and dead-hearted; on the surface, you’re a little conservative, and you don’t understand romance.

Note that falling in love with someone does not mean that you no longer have any privacy. In this regard, you and your boyfriend are absolutely equal.

Therefore, it is not necessary to try to ask him all the questions.


It can be described as an outstanding leader of modern women, dare to face the reality, never be confused, and have a good handle on everything and behave decently.

There are clouds in the world: you have a chance to meet for thousands of miles.

This sentence is probably the best footnote for men and women to love and hate clutches.

Well, love is a process of clarifying each other and a process of selection, so anything can happen in the middle.

In the unlikely event that you don’t have to torture yourself in your heart, it is really not worth it.

Especially for men and women, if they are spread out, the other party will be willing to explain to you sincerely; if this proves that your fate has been exhausted, it ‘s fine. Sooner or later, not to mention that it is always earlier than latergood.


The standard inversion is to accept, a good wife and mother type.

However, you also need a true love, if you ca n’t get it, you have to sigh for yourself!

You are a tolerant and poor person, and even if the heart is very painful, you will not let the other person know.

Moreover, you think that love is giving. It is better to bear me than to bear.

Nobleness is absolute. It just suffers too much, but it may not be exchanged for understanding. Why?

Before marriage, you can still open your eyes and find a man who likes your personality is the safest.

Best deal with summer air conditioning shoulder cupping_1

Best for summer air conditioning shoulder cupping

In recent years, most parts of the country are suffering from extreme heat, and air conditioning is the best helper for rapid cooling.

But while people enjoy the coolness under the air conditioner, their health is also affected.

  Clinically, patients who often come to the clinic due to neck and shoulder pain, numbness of the arm, or even being unable to lift are often encountered. The reason lies in waiting in an air-conditioned room.

The low temperature environment causes the blood vessels to contract sharply, and the blood flow is not smooth, causing damage to the muscle fibers of the neck and shoulders, cold, and local pain.

Especially the elderly and women who often wear off-the-shoulder and backless clothes are more likely to cause periarthritis and cervical spondylosis.

  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, after staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the back and lower back are easily attacked by diseases such as wind, cold, and humidity.

In this case, you can find the pain point first and press firmly.

But if you want to get better results, you can cupping, can quickly aim at the effects of pass through the collaterals, qi and blood circulation, and eliminate wind and cold.

When cupping, you should choose a full muscle area, and choose a suitable size according to the area of the pain area.

Note that the skin has ulcers and edema should not be cupped.

For the neck and shoulder pain caused by air conditioning, there are several types of cupping options: First, you can look for pain points in the neck and shoulders, that is, use the most painful and painful part of your finger to cup;Qi is pulled out between the bone gaps; you can also cup according to the acupoints. Commonly used are: Dazhui, located in the depression under the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra on the posterior midline; Shoulder well, located on both shoulders, Dazhui and acromionThe midpoint of the end line; the scapular acupoint, which is in the depression below the acromion during arm abduction; the scapular acupoint, which is located behind and below the shoulder joint. When the arm is retracted, the middle finger is wide on the posterior line of the arm.

  In addition, you can also burn some hot ginger soup, add a certain amount of salt and vinegar, soak it in a towel, drench it, apply it to the affected area, and repeat it several times. It can also relieve pain.

The above are simple methods of family health care, and the specific treatment depends on the severity of the disease. If necessary, you must go to a medical institution.

French women love yoga dance gymnastics

French women love yoga dance gymnastics

With more and more French women paying attention to sports activities such as dance gymnastics, yoga or physical training, the demand for dance gymnastics is growing in France.

  It is reported that there are usually fewer female customers than men in the French sporting goods market, with women accounting for 33% and men accounting for 41%.

However, on the basis of the overall decline in the turnover of the French sports textile market in 2005, the sales of female sports textiles increased by 7%, while the sales of male sports textiles remained unchanged.

In addition, according to statistics, the number of French dance gymnastics, yoga or physical training clothes increased by 12% in 2004, and basically maintained at that level in 2005 (down 1%).

    In response to market demand, major sporting goods distributors such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma have launched to the French market specifically designed for women to participate in dance gymnastics, yoga or physical trainingNew brands and products, stylish and urban.

  Although dance gymnastics are sportswear, they are still sold well in feminine products, such as tailored fit or slightly larger for sports; in addition to technical content, the fabric also requires suppleness, comfort and breathability; the color is mature female color, notBright and simple, such as raspberry red.

  In addition, the dance gymnastics suits that are popular among French women consumers are not very competitive, and can be used for a variety of purposes, even for daily wear.

Target customers range from young people to women aged 60.

Other related products include dance shoes, leggings and ankle straps, clothing details include MP3 pockets and more.

My baby will be short-sighted when he turns on the light to sleep

My baby will be short-sighted when he turns on the light to sleep

The authoritative journal Nature reports that letting children under the age of two sleep in the room with the lights on will greatly increase the chance of future myopia.

And letting your baby sleep in a dark room can help develop vision.

  In addition to watching TV, playing computer less, and eating more eye-protection food, is there any good way to prevent myopia?

If you care about your child’s eyes, it is best to turn off the bedroom light source while your child is sleeping!

  Why let the children sleep in the dark room?

Because the latest research report of the authoritative journal Nature has pointed out that letting children under the age of two sleep in the room with the lights on will greatly increase the risk of myopia in the future.

  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital conducted research on 479 216-year-old children and adolescents and asked parents about their children’s living habits, including the location of lamps at home and school, the brightness of substrate light sources, the use of sunglasses andReading habits of auxiliary light sources, etc.

Because the development of eyeballs is important before and after the age of two, researchers have conducted research on the relationship between sleep light sources and vision at this critical time.

  The data show that vision is quite closely related to the brightness of the sleeping light source before the age of two.

For subjects, if I sleep in a dark room before the age of two, myopia is 10%; if I sleep in a night light room before the age of two, myopia is 34%; if I sleep in a room with headlights before the age of twoThe myopia ratio is 55%.

  Myopia cannot be completely cured, and corrective vision can only be corrected by spectacles, contact lenses, and surgery.

But myopia hides the potential risk of blindness. Without careful attention, there is a risk of duplication, glaucoma, and blindness.

  Past research has often blamed myopia on short reading distances and heavy use of television computers.

However, researchers pointed out that if the brightness of the light source for sleeping can be taken into account, we can know that the degree of civilization has changed, and the brighter the light source in the room and the light source, so the increase in myopia ratio has some reason to follow.

  This research budget was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Ophthalmology Center.

This study is one of a series of myopia studies. The results of animal experiments are quite consistent with the data of this survey.

According to the research of chick prediction, if the light source is turned on 24 hours a day, the vision of the chick will be damaged and the focal length will be blurred.

  Does the light in the bedroom really affect my child’s vision?

Researchers believe that more research is needed on the effect of light on vision, but if parents can accompany their child to sleep, turn off the light after the child falls asleep, and avoid the light directly shining into the child’s eyes, in the hallway outside the bedroomIt may be a good idea to turn on the lights, or let the natural light source outside the room adjust the brightness.

But when the child is extremely afraid of the dark room, he should still keep a small lamp in the corner of the bedroom.

  More importantly, parents should pay attention to their children’s reading and writing habits, reduce the time spent watching television and operate computers, and regularly check with children’s ophthalmologists to effectively avoid myopia.

  Parents who are concerned about children’s vision can also let their children eat more dark green, red, or yellow vegetables and fruits as a nutrition source for health vision.

If you can let your child drink more Chinese wolfberry soup, you can keep your eyes open!

Choose different sports for different body types

Choose different sports for different body types

Type 1: Lean, few adults, weak muscles, and poor physical types often have unhealthy internal organs.

When exercising, you should slowly exercise basic physical strength, gradually increase muscle strength, endurance and body softness, and then perform weight training, participate in aerobic exercise, rope skipping, swimming and other dynamic sports.

People who are lean should pay special attention to their diet.

Should take more protein-rich foods to improve visceral function, strengthen muscle strength, but also take more vitamins.

  Type2: Looks thin, but there are many mascots. Muscle strength and internal organ functions are often not strong, and physical strength is not good.

Suitable sports for this type of person are walking, climbing stairs, skipping rope, swimming, etc., which can cause slight burning.

The diet should avoid overeating, eat less sweets, eat less high-volume foods, but eat high-protein foods.

  Type 3: The weight is within the standard weight range, but its upper arms, hips, and abdomen to thighs are slightly higher than the standard type. As long as the muscles and joints are OK, you can participate in any sports, such as playing basketball, swimming, horse riding, is good.
But if you don’t exercise regularly, you can’t make any sudden movement.

Before doing every exercise, do warm-up exercises and gymnastics to strengthen muscle strength.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition in the diet, eat moderately, and eat late night snacks, but take too much food containing auntie.

  Type4: The sebum thickness is too thick in each part of the body, the weight is too heavy, there is almost no muscle, and the skeletal support ability is weak. In daily life, climbing a few stairs will “asthma”.

Such people should do more aerobic exercise and more swimming, which can consume aunt.

Often do static contraction exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal.

Also remind you that because obese people have hypertension, please measure blood pressure before exercise and pay attention to the correctness of movement, but do not do excessively intense exercise, stop exercise if you are not in good physical condition, and do not take it too fast.

Do not over diet on your diet.

Can I eat 2,000 a day?
3000 kcal of transitional food to ensure nutritional balance.

Can not reduce the sugar sharply, so as not to lower blood sugar and increase the feeling of fasting.

  In general, no matter what methods and means of exercise are followed, the principles of “different from person to person” and step by step.

Everything is rushed but not achieved. As long as you persevere, a fit body will slowly approach you.

How important is it to enhance skin sun protection?


How important is it to enhance skin sun protection?

Every spring, major skin care products are rapidly launching sunscreen products.

The battle for sun protection was more precise in this early spring.

The major international skin care advertising investment in the fashion media is not serious.

So why do you need sun protection?

The answer pointed out by more people may be that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will tan the skin!

In fact, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are not just as simple as tanning your skin!

It will also accelerate skin aging, and blackheads and scars will appear on oxidized acne. Skin that is often whitened will have sunburn under the ultraviolet radiation.

Then let us be more scientific and understand the lessons about sunscreen, and understand why the skin should pay attention to sunscreen!

  Knowing the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight also has a good side. It can kill or inhibit the bacteria on the skin surface, promote the conversion of dehydrogen free radicals in the skin into vitamin D, and enhance the body’s resistance and promote the human heart.Dust metabolism.
However, too long sun exposure will cause harm to human skin.

When a part of the ultraviolet (wavelength 290-320NM) is the UVB segment.

It can make the skin dermis gradually harden, dry, lose elasticity, and accelerate aging and wrinkles.

Even under the sun’s transitional illumination, bright red spots, melasma, swelling, severe redness and peeling will appear on the skin!

  The so-called ultraviolet rays refer to rays with a wavelength of 200-400NM, which belongs to the shortest wavelength of sunlight, which accounts for about 6% of the total ultraviolet energy of sunlight. There are three stages of ultraviolet decomposition, and 200-280 becomes the UVC stage, that is, the sterilization stage.

290-320 is UVB short, also known as sun-red section, which is also the main dual of sun protection.

It is the root cause of sunburn.

320-400 is a UVA section, and it becomes a tanning section.

  2. Recognize the general ingredients of sunscreen products. The composition of various basic skincare products plus various sunscreen agents.

Such as: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin (foundation ingredient) calcium carbonate, salicylic acid, etc.

Good sunscreen products not only disperse ultraviolet substances on the skin, but also absorb ultraviolet radiation, and then release them with heat or harmless visible light effect, thereby protecting the skin.

  How to choose a sunscreen product The ideal sunscreen product should be this: light color, low odor, no irritation to the skin, no oversensitivity; no decomposition in the sun, good stability.

At present, most of the mainstream sunscreen products are formulated from natural plant or animal extracts, which are truly non-irritating and non-allergic!

Such as: sea buckthorn, aloe, barley kernel, placenta extract, mink oil, etc.


Choose a refreshing sunscreen, and it is best to try it on your wrist when you choose it. If your skin is red, swollen, painful, and itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to the product.For products with a lower index, if you still have an allergic reaction, you can only give up choosing this brand of sunscreen.


When choosing a refreshing sunscreen, in addition to recognizing the OilFree (oil-free) logo on the outer packaging, it is also important to master some small identification skills.

The selected sunscreen product can be lightly applied on the back of the hand or the tiger’s mouth. If the skin can be absorbed quickly, there is no stickiness, whitening, and there is no glossy oily feeling. It feels refreshing and moist.Qualified refreshing sunscreen.


Due to the difference in oil secretion, the skin quality will change, so you should do another skin quality test.

Oily skin should choose osmotic foam cleansing products and penetrating water exchange sunscreen products for dry skin; dry skin should choose milky cleansing products and cream sunscreen products; neutral skin has a wide range of options.

Emulsion and spray sunscreens are basically suitable for all skin types.


For people with earlier skin oils that are prone to acne, you should choose to use a creamy, non-greasy emulsion product. Do not use sunscreen, sunscreen products such as creams, and pay special attention to the product’s non-comedogenic(Meaning no acne).

  E.If you usually take antihypertensive drugs or weight loss drugs, sedatives, you should use sunscreen products with higher sun protection factor, because those who take this drug are prone to skin allergies to light, it is necessary to increase the sun protection factor.

30 years to make your skin more beautiful than now


30 years to make your skin more beautiful than now

Guide: 30 years later, skin care habits that make your skin more beautiful than now, healthy skin care, healthy beauty are our must-have common sense, beauty has become a must-have for many people’s lives, how healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

  Beauty habit one: two glasses of boiling water in the morning and evening. What a woman has to do is at least one glass of boiling water in the morning and evening.

A cup in the morning cleans the intermediates.

Replenish the water lost at night, and a cup at night can ensure that the blood is not too sticky due to lack of water overnight.

Viscous blood can cause hypoxia in the brain and the deposition of pigments, leading to aging ahead.

Therefore, the effect of drinking water every night cannot be underestimated.

  Beauty habit two: a tomato Among fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the one with the highest vitamin C content, so at least one tomato per day is guaranteed to meet the vitamin C required for a day.

  Beauty habit three: a cup of vinegar woman is still a bit “vinegar” good.

Consumption of vinegar in three meals daily can delay the occurrence of vascular sclerosis, which is already a common sense of health care repeated.

If the tap water in your place of residence is hard, you can put a little vinegar in your face wash daily to achieve the effect of beauty.

  Beauty Habit 4: From the perspective of calcium supplement, a cup of yogurt is the most vulnerable to calcium deficiency. The calcium supplement effect of milk causes any kind of food, especially yogurt, to be more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, women should ensure thatA cup of yogurt.

  Beauty Habit 5: A bottle of mineral water must be a veritable mineral water. The trace elements and minerals it contains are most needed by the skin.

After cleaning the face, lie on your back, moisten a clean gauze with mineral water, and then lay it on a wooden board. After the gauze is dry, moisten it again. Repeatedly, this is equivalent to supplementing the skin with trace elements.

Eggplant is also a traditional Chinese medicine. We all despise its effect.

Eggplant is also a traditional Chinese medicine. We all despise its effect.

In addition to being a common vegetable in summer, eggplant is still a traditional Chinese medicine. This is a little secret that people don’t know.

It not only has edible value for the human body, but also prevents diseases.

In the following, Xiaobian specifically introduces why eggplant is a Chinese medicine!

  Eggplant is also a traditional Chinese medicine. We all despise its effect. Eggplant contains a lot of elements. Don’t simply think that it has only edible value, because it contains a lot of elements to promote human health, such as protein, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene., Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, vitamin E and vitamin P, etc.

  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eggplant contains a lot of substances. It not only provides the body with the daily essential elements, but also the role of infecting diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that eggplant cold has certain effect on swelling and pain relief, hemostasis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

  What are the specific effects of eggplant1. Protecting the cardiovascular system With age, the capillary and permeability of the human body will continue to deteriorate, and microvascular rupture will easily occur, leading to cardiovascular disease.

In addition to taking medication for treatment, you may want to eat eggplant often.

Because eggplant contains a large amount of vitamin P, it can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce their vulnerability, thereby protecting the cardiovascular system.

  2. Lowering blood pressure and blood pressure For people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and high blood pressure, they must always pay attention to their daily diet. While not eating certain foods, eat more foods that lower blood lipids and blood pressure, and eggplant is the case.

At dinner every day, you may blanch the eggplant with boiling water, cut it into shreds, and mix it with sesame oil, soy sauce and other favorite condiments. Not only the taste is good, but it is also a very good dish for the above diseases!

  3, anti-aging elderly body aging is the main deterioration of various organs, at this time want to anti-aging, eating anti-aging food is the key, does not hinder the consumption of eggplant.

Because it contains a large amount of vitamin E, it can calm the plasma in the blood, thereby achieving the effect of delaying aging.

  Precautions for eating eggplants 1. Avoid eating eggplants raw. It has certain toxicity. If eating raw is not good for human health, it is recommended that everyone eat eggplants cooked.

  2. Those with stomach deficiency should not eat more than 60% of the population with higher levels of stomach. For people with stomach deficiency and indigestion, it is best to consume it less, because it will cause diarrhea.

  3. Broken eggplant ca n’t be eaten. When people eat eggplant, they often find that the eggplant is rotten in one place, but after cutting the broken place, they find that the other place is good. In the principle of diligence and economy, Will continue to eat the eggplant that looks good, but in fact, a bit of broken eggplant can not be eaten, because the food is often rotten from the inside out, so it looks good alsoIf there is any deterioration, it is best not to eat.