Winter skin is dry and itchy 7 big anti-dry coup to effectively solve


Winter skin is dry and itchy 7 big anti-dry coup to effectively solve

First, pay attention to dust, etc., properly avoid allergens should be reduced to go out, wear a mask when going out, etc., but also pay attention to properly avoid the radiation of computers, mobile phones, etc.

Second, pay attention to diligent washing, pay attention to the use of warm water to go home after going out, wash your face in time to ensure that the face is clean and hygienic.

The skin should be washed with warm water, the water temperature is moderate, not too hot, to avoid irritating the injured skin.

Third, use caution or suspend the use of cosmetics Before you can figure out the cause of skin problems, you should use or suspend the use of cosmetics carefully, to avoid re-stimulation of the skin, aggravating red and itchy symptoms.

Fourth, you can temporarily use aloe vera juice to rub dry itch parts, aloe vera has disinfection and moisturizing effects, apply for about 15 minutes, keep the skin moist, prevent dry skin and so on.

Fifth, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh greens and fruits to supplement the water and vitamin C we need, so that our skin can be moisturized and gradually improve the skin condition.

Sixth, pay attention to normal work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, adequate sleep, adequate sleep, sufficient time for our physical strength to recover, as well as beauty effects and mood adjustment, good sleep and beautiful mood, is the best skin care products.

Seven, pay attention to appropriate exercise through exercise to improve blood circulation, improve neonatal metabolism, thereby enhancing the skin’s resistance, so that our facial skin problems and other improvements.

Beer yeast powder weight loss principle


Beer yeast powder weight loss principle

The beer yeast powder diet has become a hot topic in the work of the girls. A friend of Liaoning used the beer yeast powder to lose weight 48 pounds. After the release of the “female magazine”, the beer yeast powder immediately caused a sensation in China.

Do you know what the principle of beer yeast powder weight loss is? How can he guarantee the effect of losing weight?

銆€銆€The brewer’s yeast powder is full of nutrients, and its cell volume is much smaller than the volume of the active cells, so it can achieve a healthy weight loss effect that only reduces the amount of nutrients.

Beer yeast powder is initially cultivated using hops and is generally called nutritional yeast.

Because it contains a lot of minerals, it has a bitter taste and a darker color, so it is also called black beer yeast powder.

Later, through the advancement of the food industry, the sugarcane bagasse remaining after sugar production was developed, and the molasses was used as a raw material to produce beer yeast powder which had no bitter taste.

銆€銆€Beer yeast powder weight loss principle 1.

It can effectively reduce the trace amount of intake. It contains almost no traces and sugar. The high-quality complete protein can release energy slowly and keep blood sugar stable. When high-quality fiber is used, it can increase satiety, make people feel hungry and prevent eating too.More food, in addition to ensuring the replacement of nutrition, reduce the substitution of exceptions and transitions.


It can reduce the trace absorption by straight pulling, including a large number of high-quality supplemental fibers. It can absorb a small amount of water after swelling. It can carry the micro-drops that are eaten and eaten out of the stool, thus reducing the trace absorption.


Effective free radical accumulation of feces in the body, supplemented with B vitamins, rare minerals can enhance basal metabolism, accelerate the body’s fecal and energy metabolism.

After the aunt was emptied, it was easy to fill the aunt again and form a rebound.

The best competency of the beer yeast slimming method lies in the fact that the three natural slimming elements (replenishing fiber, B vitamins, yeast chromium and other trace elements) quickly fill in the micro-cells and quickly fill in a comprehensive and balanced nutrition (protein, vitamins)., minerals, nucleic acids, etc.).

How should mothers bathe?


How should mothers bathe?

The temperature of the bath water should be too high below 38 掳C to damage the central nervous system.

According to clinical measurements, when the body temperature of pregnant women rises by 2 掳C, it will cause the development of fetal brain cells to stagnate; if it rises by 3 掳C, there is the possibility of killing brain cells, and thus the brain cell damage formed is mostly irreversible and permanent.Sexual damage, trafficked people may develop mental retardation after birth, and may even form severe deformities, such as small eyeballs, cleft lip, external ear malformations, etc., and some lead to epileptic seizures.

In general, the temperature of the water rises, and the longer the duration, the heavier the damage.

Therefore, the temperature of the water when the pregnant woman is bathing should be below 38 掳C.

銆€銆€Bathing time within 20 minutes of bathing in the bathroom or bath cover, pregnant women will soon have dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, chest tightness and other symptoms.

This is due to the gradual decrease of air in the bathroom or shower hood, higher temperature, and relatively insufficient oxygen supply. In addition, the stimulation of the hot water bath will cause the vascular expansion of the whole body surface, which will make the blood supply to the pregnant woman’s brain insufficient.

At the same time, the mortality rate will also be hypoxia, and the fetal heart rate will be accelerated. In severe cases, the development of the hypertensive nervous system will be adversely affected.

Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to control the hot water bath for less than 20 minutes each time.

銆€銆€Do not take a bath to prevent premature pregnant women from taking a stand when bathing. Do not sit in the tub and take a bath to avoid hot soaking the abdomen.

Because the endocrine function of the body after pregnancy has changed in many ways, the acidic secretions with bactericidal action in the vagina are reduced, and the natural defense function in the body is reduced. At this time, if the bath, the bacteria in the water, the virus easily enters the vagina.Uterus, leading to vaginitis, salpingitis, etc., or cause urinary tract infections, so that pregnant women appear chills, high fever, abdominal pain and other symptoms, this will increase the chances of medication during pregnancy, but also created conditions for teratogenic, premature birth.

The combination of artificial yew forest and culture


The combination of artificial yew forest and culture

For the sake of health, human rights human rights should make full use of the gifts of nature, and gradually build a leisure and health garden suitable for human beings.

In order to make better use of the health effects brought by the yew, some people try to combine the artificially planted yew forest with the cultural industries such as recuperation, leisure, sports and entertainment, so that people can exercise while seeking health and entertainment.The purpose of dual reconstruction of body and mind.

Sun Sizhen said: “The way to maintain health, often wants to work hard, but it is too much to be tired and strong.

And the water does not rot, the household is not awkward, so it is also because of its movement.

” Combining the environment of yew with healing and entertainment is a new way of health.”

Hangzhou, known as the paradise of human beings, has a cultural park integrating culture, healing and tourism. It has two yew bases, 1 yew yew base, and more than 500,000 trees and trees. 2 Hangzhou Cultural Park Scenic AreaThe yew planting area is 1,500 mu, and it has been transplanted to survive more than 30,000 plants.

According to the inspection report of the local environmental department, the negative oxygen ion in the park is more than 7000/cm3, which meets the national A-level standard (the cleanest).

The Cultural Park Park is located in the layout of the Zhouyi Eight Diagrams. In addition to the Buddhism District, Taoist District, Confucian District, Shanru Range Rover, Leisure Resort, Thousand Acres of Prairie, Century Square and other scenic spots, there are also health care and cultural edifications.An integrated sanatorium.

The garden is surrounded by mountains and lakes. The scenery is full of vigor and vitality. The Wanlu group is inhabited and the grass is long. The human landscape and the natural scenery complement each other.

The yew ecological forest, known as the 鈥済olden tree鈥?in the garden, is intertwined with other forests, and is surrounded by the sanatorium. It is a rare place for recuperative rehabilitation and tourism.

People who come to recuperate can breathe fresh and align the negative oxygen ion air in the lush artificial yew forest, carry out physical activities that are beneficial to the body, and combine the traditional Chinese medicine yew to enhance the health care function.Acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, spa, physical therapy, Chinese medicine fumigation, Tai Chi and other health care services.

In order to increase the environment of health and leisure, the Sanatorium, which is a knowledgeable, scientific, interesting and ornamental one, can provide Chinese herbal medicine appreciation, Chinese herbal medicine knowledge learning and Chinese herbal medicine health care.People in the health care, leisure, and holiday period to maintain each other’s health, but also get the knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Healthy longevity is the goal that people dream of. Since ancient times, the concept of health is the unity of man and nature.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records on health preservation: “The health of the wise man is also suitable for the four seasons and the cold and heat, and the place of anger and anger, and the yin and yang are adjusted to be soft and soft, if it is not hidden, longevity and long-sighted.

“Inspire people to follow nature and return to nature to make human health and life last.”

The sanatorium combines human health with the yew forest, and the concept of health is combined with reality to achieve the purpose of 鈥渉idden evil, longevity and long-term vision鈥?

Be alert!


Alkaline cabbage can cause cancer

Be alert!
Alkaline cabbage can cause cancer

At room temperature, the nitrite in spinach, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, green pepper and spinach stored in the next day to produce nitrite salt far exceeds other vegetables.

Except for the production of nitrite, there are tomatoes, lettuce, leeks, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, carrots, and celery.

Experts suggest that fresh vegetables should be cooked as much as possible, and the rest can be placed at low temperatures (such as in the refrigerator), but the time should not be too long.

銆€銆€The winter climate is cold, and the yin and yang are weak.

The human body is affected by the cold temperature, and the physiological functions and appetite of the body will change.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet reasonably, ensure the sufficient nutrients of the human body, and improve the resistance of people to cold resistance and immune function.

How can I eat healthy and safe?

Life Home Posts introduces a series of winter diet health articles to customize your winter healthy diet.

銆€銆€After people eat out, they will inevitably take home the uneaten dishes, but the leftovers cannot be stored for too long.

Wang Wenfang from the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety of China CDC reminded people that the remaining vegetables can produce nitrite after continuous salting, especially some green leafy vegetables, especially Chinese cabbage.

Nitrite can cause food poisoning, nitrite can react into nitrosamines, and nitrosamines are carcinogens.

銆€銆€Experiments have shown that various vegetables contain nitrite to varying degrees during heating, and the longer the standing time, the nitrite content can be.

However, storage at low temperatures is less than storage at room temperature and nitrite content is less.

The Chinese cabbage and potatoes in the winter storage contain nitrite after being placed in a boiled place. After being placed at room temperature overnight, the content is higher, far exceeding other vegetables.

銆€銆€According to relevant information, 8 out of 10 food poisoning incidents were related to nitrite.

In order to reduce the nitrite in the surplus leftovers, the deputy section chief of the Department of Health Supervision of the Beijing Municipal Health Supervision Institute, Ma Zhaohui, put forward the following suggestions on the placement and consumption of packaged leftovers: the leftovers are stored separately in clean and closed containers.Avoid cross-contamination; leftovers should be eaten in 5-6 hours; cold dishes are easy to breed bacteria, not suitable for packaging; fisheries can be heated for four or five minutes to avoid excessive loss of nutrients;The nutritional value is also beneficial to the body’s absorption; starchy foods are best eaten within 4 hours, otherwise the parasite’s staphylococci can not be decomposed under high temperature.

銆€銆€In addition, when eating leftovers, you should eat more foods that inhibit the formation of nitrosamines. For example, allicin in garlic can inhibit nitrate-reducing bacteria in the stomach, so that the nitrite in the stomach is significantly reduced; the tea polyphenols in tea canEliminate the formation of nitrosamines; eliminate vitamin C foods, because vitamin C can prevent the formation of nitrosamines in the stomach, as well as inhibit the mutation of nitrosamines.

The unchanging magic weapon of five-qi health Chinese medicine


The unchanging magic weapon of five-qi health Chinese medicine

Five-qi health is the foundation of TCM health, and it is the magic weapon of traditional Chinese medicine. TCM is dedicated to qi health, which is an important aspect of health care. It is summarized as the following aspects: training vitality is the foundation of life.

People must pursue, but they cannot be extravagant.

Nothing can be demanded, it will hurt the body.

People should be able to ask for what they can, and they can’t ask for it, and they will cultivate their strengths.

銆€銆€Quiet ventilation Every day, if you can keep your brain quiet for half an hour or an hour, you can fully exert the potential of brain cells, coordinate your physiology and mood, and reduce the consumption of heat.

The quietness of the brain makes the muscles of the body easy to relax, and the blood is smooth, reaching the realm of 鈥渟moothness, peace, and fading鈥?

銆€銆€The heart and the Chinese doctor believe that the lust is directly related to the internal organs, the anger is too strong, the injured lung is congested, the violent blood is too violent, and the thoughts are too weak.

The heart is calm and can balance yin and yang, reconcile the six veins, and delay the disease.

銆€銆€Wide stomach and nourishing humans can maintain the stomach and intestines to digest and absorb nutrients.

No diet, no smoking, causing lack of stomach, qi and blood deficiency.

銆€銆€When the shiver is suffocating and suffocating, it will massage and stimulate the nose, throat and chest.

After the meal, the tea is spent, strolling in a leisurely manner, or scorning the poems you like, or singing a minor tune, so that you can relax your mood, eliminate distracting thoughts, and achieve the realm of forgetting things.

Drink different teas to prevent different diseases


Drink different teas to prevent different diseases

From the theory of TCM health, drinking tea also has the effect of curing diseases and preventing diseases, but different teas have different “indications”, and everyone should choose the varieties that are suitable for their own replacement.

銆€銆€Drink black tea to prevent flu in the winter and drink black tea as the top grade.

Black tea is warm and can raise human body yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is hot and warm, can enhance the body’s cold resistance, and can help digestion and greasy.

In some places, there is also the habit of replacing black tea with sugar, milk, and sesame seeds, so that it can not only produce heat and warm the abdomen, but also add nutrients and strengthen the body.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鐮旂┒鍙戠幇绾㈣尪鍙互鍑忓皯涓鍜屽績鑴忕梾鐨勫彂鐥呯巼銆係troke and high blood pressure are high-risk diseases in winter. Therefore, elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have a cup of warm black tea in winter, which not only warms up, but also prevents diseases.

銆€銆€In addition, the use of black tea gargle or direct administration also has the effect of preventing influenza, which is also necessary in winter.

Drinking black tea also has a unique effect on preventing osteoporosis and reducing the incidence of skin cancer, thus making the audience of black tea more extensive.

Because black tea is a kind of fermented tea, it is very irritating, and it is especially suitable for people with weak stomach and body.

銆€銆€Looking for green tea to help the winter climate dry, plus some people like to eat greasy, spicy food, getting angry has become a lot of people’s health problems, and bring constipation, dry mouth and even tongue sores and other consequences, and thisYou can ask for green tea at the time.

銆€銆€Green tea is unfermented tea, which is cold and can be used for heat. Therefore, it is the best to go to the fire, to quench the thirst, to eliminate phlegm, to accelerate the healing of mild gastric ulcer, and to lower blood fat and prevent hardening of the arteries.

Therefore, people who are prone to get angry, who usually love to smoke and drink, and those who are fatter (generally hot) are more suitable for green tea; those with debilitating cold should not take green tea.

銆€銆€Dry mouth and help Oolong Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, between green and black tea, the color is green and brown, so it is also named “green tea”.

In terms of taste, oolong tea has both the scent of green tea and the natural floral fragrance, and the mellow taste of black tea. It is not cold or hot, and moderate in warmth. Therefore, it has emollient, throat, and fluid, and removes the heat accumulated in the body.Adapt to changes in the natural environment.

銆€銆€In the winter, most of the air in the room is dry, people are prone to dry mouth and chapped lips. At this time, a cup of oolong tea can be used to relieve dryness and distress.

In addition, oolong tea has a better decomposition effect on protein and a few, which can prevent the liver from accumulating slightly. For those who are afraid of sticking in the winter, green tea also has certain weight loss effects.

銆€銆€Depression does not harm the tea flower tea, including jasmine tea, magnolia tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tea, rose tea, etc., which is made by adding green tea to the tea slab and adding different fragrant flowers.

First of all, the flower tea can raise liver and gall, strengthen the limbs and clear the meridians.

Taking jasmine tea as an example, it can clear away heat and relieve spleen and calm the nerves, and has a good effect on treating ulcer disease and preventing stomach pain.

銆€銆€Honeysuckle tea can clear away heat and detoxify, refreshing thirst, retinal tears and so on, and has a lot of ideal curative effect, and it is also good for preventing influenza.

Therefore, in the winter does not hinder proper selection, especially women are prone to depression and temperament before and after menopause and menstruation, may wish to use the method of drinking tea to eliminate depression.

Several teas that are best for white-collar workers


Several teas that are best for white-collar workers

White-collar workers are the pride of the workers, highly educated, high-income, and a good working environment.

But you know it!

Sitting in front of the computer every day wants to maintain a healthy and beautiful life, but it is not easy to keep up with the years, the sitting posture is not good, the day and night is not good, if you don’t eat the food, the body will protest to you for a long time.Oh!

銆€銆€Here to help you think of some of the most suitable for white-collar drinking tea, or snacks, not only can help you against radiation damage, but also protect your eyes, anti-irritation!

銆€銆€Green tea green tea is a health drink that most people have talked about in recent years. Because it contains potent antioxidant catechol and vitamin C, it can not only remove free radicals from the body, but also secrete the paracortic of the kidney.Stress hormones, of course, a small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can also stimulate the central nervous system and boost the spirit.

It is best to avoid affecting sleep during the day and day.

銆€銆€Tea scorpion is rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, has liver, kidney, and purpose, because it has a sweet taste, whether it is tea or raisinIt is very helpful to eat the problems of sour eyes, fatigue and deepsight of the computer family.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum tea has the function of clearing the liver and clearing the liver. Some people simply drink chrysanthemums together with sputum, or use honey chrysanthemum tea to help the liver and relieve depression.

銆€銆€Mung bean barley soup mung bean can clear away heat and detoxification, diuretic swelling, barley can spleen and diarrhea, light body and benefit Qi, for those who often need to stay up late or upset, dry mouth, constipation, long acne, in addition to eat moreIn addition to vegetables, fruits and water, it is very helpful to use mung bean soup as a snack.

銆€銆€The name of the tea has a clear heat, eyesight, brain, marrow, and bones. If people with constipation can also eat after dinner, it is very effective for treating constipation.

銆€銆€Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia has the function of enriching blood and strengthening bones. For those who are often sedentary, although the back is very helpful, both men and women can drink. If the female friend can also take it with Siwutang at the end of the physiological period.

Physical health series peace and health conditioning!


“Physical health series” peace and health conditioning!

The Chinese medicine practitioners divide the human body into nine categories. In addition to the relatively healthy and peaceful constitution, there are eight other types of constitutions in the so-called sub-health state, namely: yang deficiency, yin deficiency, qi deficiency, and dampness.Physique, damp heat constitution, blood stasis, special physique, gas stagnation and eight types.

Every human quality is different. This is the basis of TCM syndrome differentiation treatment, but each human body does not transform one of them, but they are different in transferring your life and changing your eating habits.

The detailed WeChat pays attention to the public number “Glycyrrhiza doctor”, click on the menu “More services” online accurate physical measurement, or go to the Chinese medicine hospital to do a Chinese medicine physical examination, the brakes to understand yourself.

Peaceful physique is also called “peace and quality”, which is the most stable and healthiest physique!

The general reason is that the natural endowment is good, and the day after tomorrow is properly nursed.

The physique of the constitution is moderate, the complexion is ruddy, the energy is abundant, and the function of the viscera is strong and strong.

The proportion of people in peace and quality is about 32.

75%, which is about foreign exchange.

More men than women, younger, less people with peace.

General characteristics of the body features: body shape is symmetrical.

Psychological characteristics: character is easygoing and cheerful.

Common manifestations: complexion, complexion, rich and shiny hair, gaze, smooth nose, mellow smell, lip color ruddy, not easy to fatigue, full of heat, cold and heat, good sleep, good stomach, normalThe tongue is reddish, the fur is white, and the veins are slow and powerful.

Incidence trend: may be sick at ordinary times.

Adaptability to the external environment: Adaptation to the natural and social environment.

People who are prone to disease and physical condition may be ill.

“In the righteousness, evil can’t be done.

“This kind of physique is mostly righteous, strong in resistance, resistant to cold and heat, wet and humid, environmentally adaptable, and not susceptible to external evils.”

However, people who are physically fit often do not pay attention to their own protection, but are injured because of negligence.

Seasonal replacement, should be timely increased or decreased clothing, summer and cold, to prevent some exogenous diseases, such as colds, heat stroke, frostbite and so on.

When the epidemic is in epidemic, it provides self-protection and breaks the route of infection.

In addition, trauma should be avoided in sports, travel and daily life.

Sports injuries, traffic injuries, and insects and other accidental injuries are a concern for people with a peaceful constitution.

Exercise health “flowing water is not rot, the hub is not awkward.

“Sports is an important way to enhance physical fitness and prolong life. It is also the exercise of will and perseverance.

First of all, the movement masters the essentials of health, adjusts the heart, adjusts the interest, achieves mental concentration, breathing evenly, so that internal and external harmony, blood circulation; second, the amount of exercise should be moderate, not excessive, especially the elderly, even physically strongDo not do excessively intense sports, with traditional Taijiquan, Ba Duanjin, Qigong, and fast-moving. Third, the movement should be perseverance and perseverance.

Dietary health and physical diet is the key to balance, the size of food, cereals, melons, poultry, vegetables can be taken care of, can not be neglected.

Acid, bitter, sweet, symplectic, into a match, the taste of the diet can not be partial.

In addition, hunger, over-satisfaction, over-life, too cold, excessive, and unclean diets affect health.

Excessive preference for cold and heat diet can lead to complications of yin and yang disorders in the human body. In the long run, it even changes the physical state. Unclean diet is also an important cause of disease. The main cause of disease is the lack of good hygiene and eating and stamina.Or caused by food contaminated with epidemics, parasites, etc.; there is still a large amount of fixed time in the diet.

Eat well at breakfast, have a full lunch, eat less at dinner, and keep eating on time for the body.

When eating, be gentle and calm, chew slowly and concentrate.

In addition, the eating environment is suitable for tranquility and cleanliness, and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

Recommended diet: pumpkin drink ingredients: 50 grams of mung beans, 500 grams of old pumpkin, salt amount.

Method: Wash the mung bean, add a small amount of salt (about 3 grams) when the water is not dry, stir evenly, pickle the water for a few minutes, rinse the water; pumpkin peeled, simmered, washed, cut into 2 cm squares;Add 500 ml of water to boil, first boil the green beans for 2 minutes, pour in cold water, then boil, put the pumpkin into the pot, cover the lid, cook over low heat until the mung bean blossoms, add salt to taste.

Efficacy: Yiqi Shengjin, spleen and stomach.

Drug health and physical fitness can be based on food substitutes, rich and varied daily fruits, vegetables, poultry, grain to supplement the qi and blood, and slowly adjust the role of yin and yang.

There are some medicinal odor mitigation, both drugs and food, long-term service can be beneficial for longevity, such as Codonopsis, Poria, glutinous rice, Chinese yam, Ejiao, red dates, honey, longan, medlar, mulberry, lily, Ophiopogon, hawthorn, black sesame and so on.

Hawthorn 6 grams, red dates 3 stars, medlar 3 grams of substitute tea, you can qi and spleen, Ping qi yin; A gelatin capsule 1 spoon, honey jam, boiling water blunt, can nourish the hair; wheat winter 6 grams, chrysanthemumThe longan meat is mixed with 3 grams of tea, which can nourish the yin and remove the yin and yang.It should be noted that the person with peace and physical fitness is physically strong, and young people can not abuse the tonic, especially it will cause a series of alternations and receive the opposite effect.

The benefits of different ages should also be different.

Children’s internal organs are delicate, easy to be imaginary and easy to eat, and the diet is not easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. It can be used to spleen, eat sputum, hawthorn, red dates, glutinous rice, red beans, etc. in winter; young students have heavy learning burden and lack of sleep, which will cause spleen deficiency.Or lack of heart and kidney, you can eat lotus seeds, Polygonum multiflorum and other nursed back to health.

Middle-aged labor?

?Heavy load, do not pay attention to rest, damage blood, you can use longan meat, scutellaria, angelica, etc. to nourish qi and blood; the elderly are weak, no disease can choose Eucommia, Polygonum, etc., if there is a disease, you must dialectical tonic.

Do not overdo it, try to use a unique product to reduce the bias of the drug.

The drug needs to be used dialectically. Please use it under the guidance of a professional doctor.

People who are spiritually nurturing and physique are positively optimistic and energetic, thanks to the coordination of visceral blood and yin and yang.

It is also quite easy to achieve peace of mind in a person of peace and fitness.

When you are angry, you are not angry, you are not sad when you are sad, you are not afraid of fear, you are not surprised, and you are an ideal realm. You need long-term efforts, and you should gradually cultivate according to the personality characteristics of different ages.

The living and health spring returns to the earth, the yang is born, the time has been spent on flowers, and the water is out of the country. At this time, the yang is properly protected and the spirit is adjusted.

Dress should be “upper and thiner”; eat more green leafy vegetables on the diet, do not eat sour products.

In addition, spring is also a season of frequent epidemics, and personal hygiene should be paid attention to to avoid infection.

In the summer, you should pay attention to protecting the yang.

It is advisable to go to bed early and get up early, use warm water to bathe, don’t be greedy, eat too cold; diet should choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, often drink green bean soup can clear heat and heat, pay attention to should be light and greasy; prevent sweating during exercise, exposure, pay attentionReplenish moisture in time.

The weather is hot, and you should calm down and calm down.

In the autumn, the yang of the natural world converges from the evacuation trend, and it is closed. The daily routine should be taken early and get up early, and the clothes should be increased in time to prevent injury.

The autumn diet should be eaten with acid, and the seasons are rich in fruits and vegetables. The sour fruits can protect the lungs and nourish the yin.

?In winter, everything is hidden and hidden to withstand the harsh winter.

At this time, it should be kept closed, and the spirit should be restrained, go to bed early, control the house, and take care of the essence.

Diet should be based on nourishing yin and warming yang, suitable for beef and mutton, black fungus, hen; exercise should pay attention to cold, avoid frostbite.

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Summer health, southern heat, northern dryness

At present, the climate difference between the north and the south is large, and it is easy to cause “heat in the summer” in the north and “sweet” in the south.

In terms of diet and health, the South and the North must each have their own emphasis.

銆€銆€The “slow heat” in the north, focusing on raising lung and moistening dryness, Chinese medicine believes that “heating” will hurt “jin liquid”, causing people to have symptoms such as fatigue, dry mouth and dry skin.

銆€銆€To cope with the heat to eat fruits, it is necessary to add more water, and eat more fruits that nourish yin and stimulate the lungs, such as watermelon, pear, and raisins.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum porridge or tea with chrysanthemum, mung bean, lily, reed root porridge, can achieve the effect of clearing heat and nourishing yin, can also use medlar and white chrysanthemum (or honeysuckle) to make tea.

銆€銆€In the south, “health”, pay attention to spleen and heat diet is best to spleen, heat, dehumidification.

銆€銆€Eat more dried tangerine peel, glutinous rice, or use red bean, mung bean, black bean or coix seed to cook a certain food, can spleen and dampness.

Lychee, longan, mango, durian and other tropical fruits that cause damp heat should not be eaten.

銆€銆€Quenching thirst, pork soup, pork ribs soup contains a lot of fat, amino acids, these rot are just the hottest summer, the deadliest thing in the human body, so stew a pot of ribs soup, drink soup and eat meat is a simple summer health method.

銆€銆€When the soup is stewed, remove the oil and add some winter melon, gourd, kelp, etc.

銆€銆€Ginger slices to cool off the wet plum rainy days to eat more ginger can achieve the effect of heat and dampness.

Put ginger in the dish and cook it together, or cut two pieces and put it in your mouth. You can also cook ginger water as a tea.

銆€銆€If the rainy day is cold, you can use 50 grams of ginger to decoction, slender and wet evil.

銆€銆€Summer to eat mung bean porridge is suitable for some foods in the north and south can be used to heat and cool.

銆€銆€Such as watermelon, melon, bitter gourd, dandelion, mung bean porridge, it is best to add some previous rice, so that the health effect is better, and has the effect of protecting the spleen and stomach.

Purslane also has the effect of dissipating heat, detoxification and dehumidification.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that high temperatures in summer will consume gas. For people with qi deficiency, it is recommended to eat a little American ginseng.