[Ginger-scallion fried crab]_Ginger-scallion fried crab_How to do_How to do

[Ginger-scallion fried crab]_Ginger-scallion fried crab_How to do_How to do

Fried crab with ginger and spring onion is a more traditional dish in my southern region. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. Its main ingredient is fried crab, which is effective in nourishing yin and clearing heat, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

For elderly osteoporosis friends, you can eat some. Here are some practices.

1. Put the crabs on the vegetable mound upwards, use a knife to chop the midline of the navel, remove the crab cover, scrape off the gills, and wash; 2. then chop the chelate, each clip is cut into two sections,Then use a knife to smash the crust, and then cut each half of the crab body into four pieces, each with a claw, ready for use; 3, cut onions, ginger, shredded garlic, minced garlic, starch and waterTransfer to wet starch and set aside; 4. Heat the wok with wuhuo, add lard, and heat it to 60%. Put down the onion section. After frying, remove the onion section. 5. Leave the oil in the wok slightly.Stir fry ginger, garlic, and fried shallots on the stove, wait for the aroma, and stir-fry the crab pieces; 6. Cover slightly, and cook until the water in the pot is dry, add 10 grams of lard, sesame oil, pepperWait until stir well, use wet starch to simmer, and you can cook.

[How to eat cold potatoes?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat cold potatoes?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

Cold potato is a particularly popular food. Steaming, cooking, frying, frying, stuffing, etc. are all possible. It is practically simple and cold potato also has a headache, headache, constipation and hypertension, etc.However, for cool people, cold potatoes can also be supplemented with calcium and iron and zinc, so that patients with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia can eat more.

Practice one: 1.

Peel the cold potatoes and cut into thick slices. Cut the thin slices into thin slices and slice the ginger.


Fill the clay pot with water, add lean meat, and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes.


Add salt, monosodium glutamate, brown sugar, and cold potatoes to the pot for 20 minutes.

Practice 2: 1.

Rinse the cold potatoes, peel off the skin, and cut into diced pieces.


The rice was previously washed, soaked in cold water for half an hour, removed, and drained.


Take the pot and add cold water. Before the rice and cold potato pieces are boiled with a high heat, use a low heat to cook the porridge. Add sugar to taste.

Practice three: 1.

 Peel and wash the cold potatoes and cut into small dices for use; 2.

 Millet is washed and washed with cold water for a while; 3.

 Add about 1200 亳 liters of cold water to the pot, add millet, and boil over high heat first; 4.

 4. Add cold diced potatoes and use low heat to simmer until millet is cooked; 5.

 Add sugar to taste, and simmer for a while before serving.

Method 4: Cut the cold potatoes into fine cubes and stir them into ground meat; stir-fry the onion ginger and seasonings and let stand for 10 minutes to become flavor.

Raise the pan, and cook until the oil is 8 minutes (the cold oil will stick to the pan), make the meatballs by frying the ingredients, fry the pan for about 4 minutes to make the skin yellow, lift the meatballs to drain the oil, and turn into a cold potato lionHead (also use a small amount of fat to press the meatballs into a patties and cook them).

The prepared lion head can be used for braised cabbage and braised. If the portion is too large, it can be frozen in sub-packages. It can be taken as a dish at any time.

Method 5: Preparation: Mince leeks, parsley, and cold potatoes, and mix with ground meat and ginger to make fillings.

Tip: The spring roll skin will shrink when heated. When you pack the filling, try to leave some space between the spring roll skin and the filling so that it will not break easily.

The prepared spring rolls can be stored frozen in a fresh-keeping box, but must be stored in layers in a plastic wrap so that the spring roll skins will not stick together.

Practice: 1.

Wrap up.

Wrap the prepared fillings with spring rolls and glue the ends with batter.



Use a small fire to turn the retina from step 1 to golden yellow.

Sauce preparation: mix the milk and green mustard in a 2: 1 ratio and use it to dip the meat rolls. You can taste the mustard aroma without choking.

Another kind of orange beauty milk, you can mix the orange juice and beauty milk in a ratio of 3: 1, and boil it in a pot.

Practice six: 1.

Add chicken pieces to the marinade and mix well.

2.Boil the butter on a low heat, add the onion to stir-fry, add the potato chips and stir well, and cook for about 10 minutes until the potato is cooked.


Put the potato chips and fresh milk into a blender to stir up the mashed potato soup. Pour it back into the pot and boil. Then add the chicken and green beans, cook on low heat for about 5 minutes, season with salt and serve.

Cooking experience: You can also cook the potatoes first, press them into mashed potatoes, and then stir with milk to make a mashed potato soup.


Taste: The mouth is smooth and smooth, with tuna toast, it is also a rich meal.

Production time: 20 minutes.

Method 7: 1. Wash the peeled potatoes with cold potatoes and chopped mustard, cook with white rice and set aside.

2. Diced beef tenderloin, marinate with a small amount of soy sauce, too white powder, and fry in a wok with olive oil.

3. Stir-fried beef into rice, and serve with sliced red pepper and parsley.

Note: It is recommended to use steak meat for beef, which has a fresh and tender taste, while the rib eye beef has oil blossom, which can increase the aroma of rice.

[How to make potato noodles?

It was delicious first!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to make potato noodles?
It was delicious first!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

Nowadays, people have a lot of work pressure. In addition, many people usually have bad dietary habits, as well as many reasons, such as harsh environments, which cause some people to grow old quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat more anti-aging foods and some potatoes.The anti-aging effect is very prominent. This is because potatoes are very nutritious, so we will teach you how to make potato noodles.

First, 1/2 can of potato gluten, 1 serving of refrigerated cooked noodles, 1/2 cup of cabbage, shredded carrots, salt, 1 cup of water, shredded pork, and minced garlic.

) Prepare the materials separately.


) Add a small amount of oil to the pot, heat over medium heat, add garlic and sauté. After the flavor is released, add shredded pork, carrot shredded, Korean shredded pork, and turn to high heat and fry, then add salt andThe water is boiled together.


) Add ramen, potato gluten, stir fry, then turn off the heat, and then serve on the plate to complete.

Second, curry-flavored potato noodle materials noodles, water, potatoes, cucumbers, cumin powder, salt, soy sauce practice 1.

Pour the diced potatoes into a frying pan and stir fry until golden and soft 2.

Add a small amount of oil, add the potatoes to the pot again, and add seasoning 3.

Add diced cucumber to the pan and stir fry 4.

Add water and continue to stir fry 5.

In another pot, make noodles 6.

Then the prepared potato soup is poured on the noodles and a plate of delicious noodles is made, which is both delicious and delicious!

Third, potato flour wonton materials potatoes, ham, flour, eggs.

Seasoning: According to your favorite method of adding a lot of potatoes at home, change the pattern for cooking 1: Add the eggs to the flour to make a paste, it should be adjusted a little earlier, it will be more gluten, and add the eggs to the dough to eatExcessive chewing 2: Potato peeled and cut into strips, not too thin, easy to break, shredded ham 3: Add hot oil to the pan, add ham shreds, stir-fry the potatoes, add water, and add as much water as you wantAdded.

4: After the water has boiled, you can put the adjusted batter into the pot by hand, and watch the noodles in the pot become yellow and clear, bright 5: At this timeYou can add the seasoning, refined salt, chicken essence, most of the soy sauce, soy sauce can increase the color, you can add some dried peppers if you like spicy, and add pepper powder if you like pepper.Okay.

Caesars Travel (000796): Catering business complements company performance, tourism layout 2019 tries to release

Caesars Travel (000796): Catering business complements company performance, tourism layout 2019 tries to release

The company announced its 2018 annual report: operating income of 81 in 2018.

8 ppm, an increase of ten years.

67%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

9.4 billion (-12.

03%), deducting non-attributed net profit 1.

7.2 billion (+13.


The reporting company’s efficiency in cost control slightly declined, and sales expenses rose1.

25pct to 8.

98%; under the same caliber of R & D expenses, management expenses decreased by 0.

34 points to 3.

13%; financial expenses rose by 0%.

23pct to 1.


The decline in the outbound tourism boom has led to a significant extension of service trips, and the continued development of the catering business has strongly supported the company’s performance.

After July 2018, with the impact of shipwrecks in Phuket, Thailand, and volcanic eruption in Bali, Indonesia, the number of departures from Southeast Asia plummeted, alternating with the “warm winter” effect of the fourth quarter, and the average Thai growth rate in the second half of the year replaced -12.


The company’s outbound tourism-based tourism business service trips significantly decreased, and the number of citizens’ wholesale and retail sales fell by 10 every other time.

29% and 8.


The company’s tourism services business initially achieved revenue of 70.

150,000 yuan (+0.

23%), gross profit margin fell by 0.

61pct to 13.


At the baseline of the report, while the company continued to consolidate the market share of air food and railway catering tableware, it continued to develop new service routes and railway routes. Among them, the air food business added 29 service flights including Baotou-Guangzhou, Sanya-Urumqi, etc .; the new railway catering businessUndertaken by 22 railway lines, including Kunming-Xi’an, Xiamen-Shanghai, etc., the service volume of aviation and railway catering increased by 3 respectively.

85% and 312.

41%, catering and service business achieved revenue11.

5.3 billion (+11.


Consolidate the existing advantages of outbound tourism, actively deploy the domestic tourism market, and improve 淡水桑拿网 the tourism business in 2019.

Due to the continuous expansion of Tiantian Business Travel in 2018, the company has reached an agreement and resolved. Tiantian Business Travel paid the repurchase amount of Caesar Tongsheng 5657 in installments.

850,000 yuan.

As of now, 5143 has been revoked.

500,000 yuan. At the same time, Tiantian Business Travel completed the change of control and no longer consolidated.

In 2018, the company has not actively deployed the domestic tourism market to build inbound tourism and high-end domestic tourism brands in parallel. The number of visitors to the inbound tourism business has increased by nearly 200%, and business revenue has doubled to form a new growth point.

In 2019, with the gradual recovery of the outbound tourism business and the increasing attractiveness of domestic tourism, the company’s outbound tourism, inbound tourism, and domestic tourism “three major markets” play a coordinated development role.

Profit forecast and investment advice: year-to-date, outbound tourism is in a slow recovery stage, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan and South Korea are in a high growth channel, and Southeast Asia is in the replacement recovery period.As the outbound tourism recovery is less than expected and may lead to the adverse effects of the recent earthquake in Thailand and the explosion in Sri Lanka, we adjusted the performance forecast for 2019-2020 and increased the profit forecast for 2021.



54 yuan (the original 19/20 EPS was 0.


65 yuan), corresponding PE is 24/20/17 times, considering the industry average assessment is 25 times, the rating is adjusted from “buy” to “overweight”.

Risk warning: exchange rate risk, overseas security factors and political factors

Sanan Optoelectronics (600703): Joining Midea Group to Accelerate Introduction of White Electronics Market

Sanan Optoelectronics (600703): Joining Midea Group to Accelerate Introduction of White Electronics Market

Event: On March 26, 2019, Midea Group, a domestic home appliance leader, announced a strategic partnership with Sanan Integration, a subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics, to jointly establish a third-generation semiconductor joint 北京夜网 laboratory.Antiques unveiled.

In the future, the two sides will jointly develop a reasonable way to introduce third-generation semiconductor power devices into white goods through a joint laboratory.

Opinion: We continue to recommend the company, and it seems the company has long-term development.

The Sanan Integration and Midea Group announced the strategic cooperation, which will effectively promote the company’s compound chip business.

In the future, the cooperation direction of the two parties will focus on the research and development of GaN (gallium nitride), SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductor power device chips and IPM (intelligent power module) application circuits, and gradually introduce white appliances.

By cooperating with leading domestic appliance companies, it means that the company’s power electronics products have been recognized.

The joint laboratory will give full play to their respective expertise and scientific research capabilities to promote the innovative development of third-generation semiconductor power devices.

At the same time, if the company’s products pass the Midea Group’s verification successfully, the introduction of its white goods will help to introduce the Midea Group’s leading role in home appliances, which will be widely recognized in the market.

With the advent of the white-light intelligent era, compound semiconductors are expected to be fully introduced.

White goods mainly include washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc .; 2017-2018 is a big year for white electricity sales. The growth rate of air conditioner sales has reached a new high since 2010, and the growth rate of washing machines has reached a new high since 2011.

At present, China is already the world’s largest production base of white goods, accounting for about 60-70% of global white electricity generation, of which air-conditioning accounts for about 80% of global power generation, and refrigerators and washing machines account for about 50%.

With the Internet of Things, the concept of smart home appliances is becoming more and more popular. In addition, the country advocates energy saving and emission reduction of white goods and improves energy efficiency. White goods will enter the era of intelligence, and the requirements for power devices will also increase.

In the future, the cost of converting semiconductor compounds will continue to decline, and silicon carbide diodes, and silicon carbide MOSFETs and other devices will gradually advance the white electricity market.

Dating strategic investors, the pledge rate is slowly declining.

On January 21, 2019, San’an Group signed a “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Industrial Trust, Quanzhou Financial Holding, and Anxin Fund. The agreement stipulated that the three strategic partners plan to increase capital to San’an Group by no less than 5.4 billion.Quanzhou Golden Controls provided Sanan Group with US $ 600 million in liquidity support.

Due to the shortened period of the value-added assessment involving the determined evaluation system, in order to successfully and timely solve the funding requirements of San’an Group, the company sold 77,143,000 shares to Industrial Trust, which is part of the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. As of March 5, the company has receivedTo US $ 2.6 billion, they were US $ 1 billion in equity transfer funds, US $ 600 million in Quanzhou Financial Holdings and US $ 1 billion in capital increase from Anxin Fund.

The company’s funding needs have been eased, and the equity pledge has been gradually lifted. At present, the proportion of the pledged shares of Sanan Group and Sanan Electronics is up to 79.

38% dropped to 76.

96%, subsequent companies will gradually reduce the pledge rate.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company to realize net profit attributable to 四川耍耍网 mothers in 18-20.



89 trillion, EPS is expected to be 0 in 18-20 years.



25 yuan.

As a leader in the LED chip industry, the company leads peer review in terms of fixed asset scale and R & D investment. It gives an “overweight” rating risk warning: inventory backlog risk; downstream applications are less than expected risks; R & D progress is less than expected risks.High, LED chip demand is less than expected, product introduction is less than expected

Ping An Bank (000001): Refining the company and deepening to build a collaborative engine

Ping An Bank (000001): Refining the company and deepening to build a collaborative engine

Upgrade of retail strategy + refinement and strengthening of the public sector, maintaining a “buy” rating Ping An Bank shifted its retail strategy from a mass customer base to a mid- to high-end customer base, in order to achieve key tasks in 2019, including finer and stronger corporate business.

We believe this is the need for banks to further integrate the group’s community financial strategy, and also for the continuous advancement of bank transformation, which is conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of bank operations.

We forecast the company’s net profit growth attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.

4% / 16.

2% / 16.

9%, EPS1.



24 yuan with a target price of 15.



23 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Corporate business is the engine of the group’s comprehensive finance. On June 3, Ping An Bank announced that Yao Guiping had resigned as director, deputy governor and other positions.

Zhang Xiaolu, currently the deputy director and secretary general of the Ping An Group Youth League, will serve as special assistant to the president of Ping An Bank to assist the president Hu Yuefei in charge of the business sector.

The important purpose of focusing on corporate business in 2019 is to form better synergy with the group.

Ping An Group adheres to the integrated financial business model of “one customer, multiple products, one-stop service”.

The Group has more than 2 million corporate customers. Ping An Bank can use the Group’s comprehensive financial resources and platforms to broaden banking channels. At the same time, the Bank-to-Corporate business can also find high-quality assets for the group’s insurance and private banking businesses and become a groupEngines for multiple needs of corporate customers.

“Platform + product + service”, taking into account the fine and strong “stronger” means that the total financing scale must be larger, and the ability to put assets under the light operating model is stronger.

In the first half of 2018, 448 trillion yuan of corporate loans were released internally, but the overall financing scale of 1962 trillion was leveraged.

“Precise” means more sophisticated services and more accurate customer positioning. Several key products in the “platform + product + service” model replace the use of technology to precisely serve the needs of banks.

Focusing on the strength of the company is conducive to the formation of active sediments, reducing negative costs, and the stability of the robe.

In the first quarter of 2019, the accumulation effect of deposits has begun to appear, 重庆耍耍网 and the growth rate of corporate demand deposits has been turning positive, mainly due to the settlement of payment and supply chain financial platforms to stabilize the base customer base.

Retail transformation and upgrading, the development of private banks and wealth management Ping An Bank’s retail transformation has shifted from understanding the basic customer base to the stage of focusing on breakthroughs in the mid-to-high-end customer base, focusing on private banking and wealth management businesses.

The mid-to-high-end customer base has the following advantages over the basic customer base: 1) rich financial needs, great business mining potential, and good business linkage with the corporate and investment banking departments; 2) customer stickiness, which is not easy to lose; 3)The wealth is large and it is easy to form economies of scale.

At the end of Q1 2019, the number of wealth customers and private customers grew by 41.

23%, 40%, exceeding the growth rate of all retail customers.

The retail AUM continued to improve, forming a channel for customers and funds in the bank. Products were provided by the group’s subsidiaries. The wealth management business promoted accelerated development.

Pay attention to the performance of capital replenishment and interest margins. The allocation of US $ 26 billion in flat silver to bonds at the time is about to start the conversion. The core tier 1 capital return rate can be increased the most.

09pct to 9.

84%, capital shortcomings recovered.

In the second quarter, interbank risks replaced individuals on a regular basis, and strict supervision and control of risk expectations improved continuous interest margin support.

We maintain the original forecast, 2019?
Growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers in 202114.

4% / 16.

2% / 16.

9%, EPS1.


24 yuan, 2019 BVPS14.

36 yuan, corresponding to PB0.
83 times.

The stock bank unanimously predicts that PB will be 0 in 2019.

76 times, think that the market evaluation center is lowered, we will predict PB from 1 in 2019.


Adjust 3 times to 1.


2x, with a target price of 17.

twenty three?

67 yuan fine-tuned to 15.


23 yuan.

Risk Warning: The economic downturn exceeds expectations, and asset quality deteriorates more than expected.

Inadvertent bathing is taboo

Inadvertent bathing is taboo

Bathing is an extremely important part of the day for everyone. Bathing is probably the prelude to our goodbye to a busy day. At this time, you can enjoy it alone, and it can only relax you.Have you noticed that there are times when it is not appropriate to take a bath, which can cause adverse reactions in the body.

  It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after work.

  No matter after mental work or manual work, you should take a break and take a bath, otherwise it is easy to cause the heart, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and even syncope.

  It is not advisable to take a bath when you have a fever.

  When a person’s body temperature rises to 38 ° C, the energy consumption of the body can increase by 20%, and the body is relatively weak. At this time, accidents may occur in the bath.

  It is not advisable to take a bath when the blood pressure is too low.

  Because the temperature of the water is high during bathing, the blood vessels can be dilated, and those with low blood pressure are prone to collapse.

  It is not advisable to take a bath after drinking.

  After taking a bath after drinking, the blood sugar cannot be replenished in time, and dizziness, dizziness, and weakness are prone to occur. Hypoglycemic coma may occur in severe cases.

  It is not advisable to take a bath after a full meal and when it is dry.

  After taking a full meal, taking a bath, the blood vessels on the skin surface expand with the stimulation of hot water, the ruptured blood flows to the body surface, and the abdominal blood supply is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption; it is easy to cause hypoglycemia, even collapse and faint during sleep.

Jingfang’s treatment of refractory nose disease is unparalleled

Jingfang’s treatment of refractory nose disease is unparalleled

Jingfang treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis has the characteristics of improving the patient’s physique, improving the quality of life, simple medicine Leehom, cheap price and so on.

Professor Huang Huang has accumulated rich experience in using Jingfang to treat this disease.

After studying, I used it repeatedly in the clinic and received unexpected results.

  Chronic sinusitis Li, male, 38 years old.

The patient was physically strong, suffering from sinusitis for two years, exacerbated after a cold, and engraved: nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, and a nasal discharge that was difficult to appear. The nasal discharge was white and debilitating. The effect of taking Biyanning granules was not good.No significant changes.

The tongue is white with tight pulses.

Treatment with Gegen Decoction: Pueraria root 30 grams, ephedra 6 grams, cinnamon sticks 10 grams, peony roots 10 grams, Xinyi 20 grams, platycodon 10 grams, asarum 10 grams, and licorice 6 grams.

Seven servings, decoction.

In the second consultation, the patient had nasal congestion, headache disappeared, and nasal discharge reduced.

  Gegen Decoction has been used by doctors of all ages to treat exogenous diseases.

Professor Huang Huang applies this formula more widely in clinical practice. The physical characteristics of the patient are: full body shape, strong muscles, darker or darker skin, cold and hot, easy to catch cold, muscle pain after cold, no sweatFever; less urination, less thirsty drinking water; heavy body, insensitive to reaction; not red throat, fat tongue, white and thick fur, and strong pulse.

Professor Huang used this formula to treat complications such as sinusitis, acne, fatigue syndrome, irregular menstruation and so on.

According to Professor Huang Huang’s experience, Gegen Decoction is used for this refractory sinusitis with good results.

  Allergic rhinitis Bai, male, 58 years old.

He had been suffering from allergic rhinitis for 8 years and had sought medical treatments everywhere.

The patient came to our office in the autumn of 2005, and engraved: nasal runny nose, nasal congestion, continuous sneezing, more white sputum, complaining of cold or exacerbation of cold wind, not easy to sweat on weekdays, looking for a medium-sized body, dark complexion, tongue coatingWater slippery, pulse like a string.

Prescription: 10 grams of ephedra, 10 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of peony, 10 grams of dried ginger, 6 grams of asarum, 10 grams of schisandra, 10 grams of aconite, 10 grams of pinellia, 6 grams of licorice.

Five servings, decoction.

After treatment, the symptoms of the patient were greatly reduced. Astragalus was mainly added to the front, and 15 minutes of Chenpi were taken. The patient recovered and gradually did not relapse.

  Xiaoqinglong Decoction is a prescription for dispersing colds in the Treatise on Febrile Diseases.

Professor Huang Huang believes that patients using this formula should have watery nose and sputum.

The author observed that the patient’s physique was strong, his nose was watery, and his sputum was thin, so he resolutely treated with Xiaoqinglong Decoction to cure rhinitis without cough and asthma, which fully reflected the corresponding characteristics of prescriptions.

Don’t let your skin feel tight in autumn


Don’t let your skin feel tight in autumn

In the autumn, the air is dry, causing great damage to human skin and skin.

As the delicate skin epidermal cells can not withstand the test of autumn dryness, the moisture gradually decreases, and the skin will become more and more dry; due to the cool autumn stimulus, the skin epidermal cells begin to shrink, the epidermal cells gradually become smaller, and the skin will also becomeIt is getting tighter.

  The surface of our skin is covered with a thin film of sebum, keratinocytes and sweat, which has the effect of moisturizing the skin, and there are natural moisturizing ingredients in the stratum corneum to keep moisture.

If the moisture content in the stratum corneum drops to 10% -20% of normal, dry, rough, or even cracked skin will appear.

Dry autumn is likely to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from the external skin and lack of moisture in the stratum corneum, which makes people feel the uncomfortable feeling of a tight bandage on the skin.

For example, the skin is severely dehydrated and desquamation occurs.

  In autumn, if you want to keep your skin elastic and soft, you must give your skin extra water. The best way is to drink plenty of cold water.

Japanese beauty experts have found that cold water is actually a kind of “degassed water” with little air.

Studies have shown that when the boiled water is naturally cooled to 20-25, the gas dissolved in it is one-half less than before boiling, and the properties of water have also changed accordingly. The cohesion has increased and the molecules are closer.The water structure in biological cells is very close and has a great “affinity”.

The medical community has also discovered that cold water can make the subcutaneous skin “semi-liquid”, which makes the skin slightly soft and fit.

Cold water moles increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, which makes the skin ruddy.

People who want to drink cold water for beauty should, in principle, drink 8 large cups (500 ml per cup) per day.

  In order to eliminate the facial tension in autumn, you should also adhere to a scientific method of washing your face every day.

Before washing your face, you must wash your hands carefully before you can use your hands to remove the cosmetics on your face.

Care must be taken when washing your face. Only by thoroughly removing the skin’s cosmetics, dust and secretions can the skin be kept moist.

The best water for face washing is soft water. The soft water contains residual minerals and has a softening effect on the skin. The most ideal is to use rainwater and spring water. Cold water is also much better than cold water directly from the tap.

  You can also use a hot and humid towel to cover your face. It can dilate blood vessels, open pores, promote blood to the epidermis, relax the muscles, and replace the dust and dander on the skin epidermis.

  Facial massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism and prevent skin aging. It is most recommended in late autumn, but scientific methods must be used.

In the morning, massage should be done in a straight line from bottom to top. Because the muscles of the person are still at rest in the morning, there is no need to do a large-scale hard massage.

In the evening, the purpose of massage is to eliminate the muscle fatigue produced during the day, so you need to do curve massage along the direction of the muscles to stimulate the muscles as widely as possible.

This is called “Morning Straight”, “Nocturne”.

Moreover, it is best to massage after washing the face and drying it, so as to prevent the dust on the skin surface from being rubbed into the skin.

It is better to massage at night around 11 o’clock, because it is the time when the skin’s metabolism is most vigorous.

When you massage at night, it is advisable to feel a fever in both hips.

  In addition, you should choose appropriate protective products according to the different properties of the skin. Generally, oil-free skin care products such as milk and skin cream should be selected for normal and oily skin; oily skin care products should be selected for dry skin., Such as nutrition creams, skin care honeys.

Pay attention to balanced nutrition in the diet. It is better to eat foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, lean meat, etc., eat less spicy food, avoid tobacco, alcohol, coffee, strongTea etc.

Benefits of walking for your body

Benefits of walking for your body

Everyone hopes that their bodies can always stay healthy, but how to make them healthier is a headache for many people. Many people in life want to make their bodies healthier, but they are suffering from methods that are not implemented.What to do to be healthier is simple.

After investigation and research, some scientists in the United States found that insisting on walking every day can effectively protect health, not only reducing the probability of disease, but also having good protective effects on body tissues!

  Why walking protects physical health Many people are very surprised that walking can protect their health, because walking is just a way to exercise our lower limbs in our impression. In fact, this kind of cognition is largely one-sided.Whole body exercise can help us exercise our lower limbs, and it has a good exercise and health care effect for all parts of the body!

  It can be said that insisting on walking is a head-to-toe health care method, and can also help people effectively prevent the emergence of diseases. Is the benefit of walking really so great?

Let ‘s take a look at the physical condition after walking, I believe everyone can understand the benefits of walking!

  First, the protection of the brain has been proven in many scientific studies that walking can be a good exercise for human parts, and for the brain, insisting on walking can stimulate the brain’s nerves, help the brain to relax better, and also promote brain secretion.A substance called endorphin, so what effect does the brain’s endorphin substance have?

  In fact, this substance can help people maintain a good mood, can make people feel happy, and a happy mood is essential for physical health.

  Second, we all know about the protection of the lungs. A healthy body is indispensable to a healthy lung. The health of the lungs in life must determine the health of a person. Walking can help people exercise their lungs well.Department, to make the lungs healthier, the body can naturally become better!

  In addition, walking also has a good effect on quitting smoking, because walking can greatly reduce smokers’ desire for tobacco, so friends who quit smoking because they want to protect the lungs can try to stick to walking and believe that they can achieve great results!!

  Of course, when it comes to lung health editors, I must mention one more thing. Although walking can effectively protect lung health and reduce the incidence of lung diseases, if you use some medicated diet conditioning, it will be more effective for lung health.And, of course, the production of medicinal diet is indispensable for good medicinal materials.

  Third, about the protection of the lower back The lower back and back play a very important role in physical health. It can be said that the health of the lower back is of great significance to the body. Just like in Luzhou in reality, there are five provinces.Such a reputation, the back position is actually Luzhou inside the body, the waist in the human body plays a major role in supporting and supporting!

It is the approximate intersection of body blood flow!

  At the same time, there are a large number of acupoints on the body, and there are also meridians that extend in all directions. It can be said that by protecting these two body parts, people’s health goals have been achieved more than half!

And if you want to protect them, you only need to keep walking. It can be said that protecting these two body parts on foot is a very convenient and fast way!

  Fourth, for the protection of the legs, sticking to walking has the same and good protective effect on the health of the legs. It can be said that walking is the best for the health of the legs, because walking requires continuous movement of the legs, which can be very good.Exercise your leg muscles to make your leg joints more flexible as you move!

  The leg joints become more flexible, and the chance of suffering from diseases in the legs will naturally become smaller. Therefore, continuous movement of the legs can help the internal circulation of blood in the body to be well, and the circulation of air in the legs is smooth.Without hindrance, dangerous situations such as varicose veins of the leg are naturally far away!

  Therefore, if you want to protect your body, you must keep walking in your life!

  Fifth, the preventive effect on disease Disease is the most annoying thing for people, but in life, disease is always uninvited. Therefore, if you want to protect your body from disease, you must not neglect the prevention of disease.Sticking to walking has a very good preventive effect on the disease itself. It can be said that walking for a long time can keep most diseases away from the body!

  Studies have shown that walking three hours a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%. Walking three days a week can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease from occurring in the human body. Walking 7 hours a week for obesity,Type 2 diabetes is very preventive!

  Moreover, walking can greatly increase the heart’s ability and vascular elasticity. For cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and good preventive effects, walking can promote the digestive glands in the body, promote metabolic peristalsis, and keep the stomach away from the body.May wish to keep walking, as this will protect your health!

  If a person has no health, everything else is equal to zero, so health is very important, but there are few ways to maintain health. In fact, it is not difficult for us to pursue health. As long as we can continue to walk, health will naturallyCome to the door, so if you want to get a healthy body easily, you might as well stick to the simple and convenient way of health care!