[How to make small red bean paste buns]_Homemade practice of small red bean paste buns_How to make small red bean paste buns_How to make small red bean paste buns

[How to make small red bean paste buns]_Homemade practice of small red bean paste buns_How to make small red bean paste buns_How to make small red bean paste buns

For many mothers, babies and loved ones at home eat less to get sick.

Today, Xiao Bian introduced a small red bean paste package suitable for family members to the main woman.


All materials are mixed into a lump except for grease. The liquid materials are adjusted appropriately according to the water absorption of their own flour. When the dough is softer, it is easier to gluten2.

1 Take a small piece of dough, which can tear the film, but it is easy to crack and is not thin. At this time, you can add a softened paste.

2 At the beginning of kneading, it will be very sticky, and it will become less sticky through the gradual formation of gluten.

You can push, rub, and fall. In short, how to save effort.


After kneading the butter into the dough, the dough will become very sticky. After kneading the dough into the dough, beat the dough about 100 times 5.

21 At this time, the dough can be pulled out of a large film, and to the completion stage, this dough can be used as toast. Unfortunately, the mold is not at hand. Just pack the whole row. 6

The dough is rounded and fermented to a warm place to double the size, about 1-1.

5 hours.


Dip your fingers into the powder and collapse without shrinking.


After the dough is exhausted, it is divided into 15 doughs, each weighing about 50G. After being rounded, it will relax for 15 minutes.


After two rolls, roll with honey and red beans and roll into rolls.


The rolled dough is discharged into the baking tray in order, and then put into the oven for secondary fermentation. The method is to preheat the oven at 100 degrees for 1 minute, and put a bowl of boiling water at the bottom to make it suitable temperature and humidity, about 50 minutes.


Brush the whole dough with egg liquid, sprinkle with white sesame seeds, place in a 180 degree preheated oven, bake for about 25 minutes, cover with tin foil after the surface is colored.

Oven-baked, eat after cooling down, freshly baked bread is not good for your stomach.

Today, this creamy red bean bun is delicious and healthy. Is it simple, nutritious and rich, so dear housewives, try to make it for your family.

[Can you eat eggs after tooth extraction]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat them?

[Can you eat eggs after tooth extraction]_Chicken eggs_Can you eat them?

For most people, tooth extraction is a very painful task.

But if there is a problem with the teeth, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Tooth extraction can completely deal with bad teeth, and can also prevent bad teeth from affecting the good teeth next to it, which will affect the entire oral cavity.

But many people are not clear about the care after tooth extraction, especially the dietary contraindications after tooth extraction.

So, can I eat eggs after tooth extraction?

1. Will the doctor bite the patient after tooth extraction?
2 cotton rolls, which are used to compress hemostasis and protect the wound.

Generally, the sliver can be spit out in about 40 minutes after tooth extraction.

Be careful not to bite the cotton roll for too long.

Some people think that the longer the bite is, the better. Some people bite for hours or even hours. This is wrong. Instead, it causes the wound to be soaked in saliva for a long time, causing infection or coagulation.

2. For patients who have bleeding tendency, it is best not to leave for a while after tooth extraction. After half an hour, please ask the doctor to see if the wound is stopped.

If the bleeding still occurs, you should ask your doctor for further treatment, or apply a hemostatic agent, or take an oral hemostatic, and take some hemostatic medicine orally.

3, under normal circumstances, no more bleeding after spitting out the tampon.

It is normal to have a little bloodshot in the saliva. If the large-mouthed vomiting is abnormal, you should contact the clinic in time or go to the nearest dental department of the hospital for an emergency treatment, and ask your doctor to deal with it.

Don’t handle it by yourself. Some cotton that you take home is stuffed into the extraction socket, or the so-called hemostatic medicine is smeared.

These cottons and medicines are not sterile and can cause secondary infections after use, with more serious consequences.

4. Care should be taken to protect blood clots after tooth extraction. Do not gargle on the day. Do not chew food on the tooth extraction side. Do not lick the wound repeatedly. Do not suck and spit saliva repeatedly.
You can eat for two hours after the operation. The diet for two days after recovery should be warm and cold.

5, generally can not take medicine after tooth extraction.

However, in the period of acute inflammation, or when the tooth is invaded, or the general condition is poor, some antibiotics and analgesics should be taken orally.

6, generally does not affect work after tooth extraction, you can work as usual, but do not arm heavy physical labor.

Smoking and drinking have a bad effect on wound healing. It is best not to smoke or drink for one or two seconds after tooth extraction.

Do not shave during menstruation.

[Chestnut and what phase grams]_Recommended diet

[Chestnut and what phase grams]_Recommended diet

Chestnut is a common nut.

It has an excellent nourishing effect, in addition, it has the effect of strengthening kidney and kidney, and improving immunity. Usually, you should also understand some attention when eating chestnut.

For example, it is necessary to understand chestnuts and what kind of gram, to avoid health effects caused by poor diet.

First of all, chestnuts are best not eaten with duck meat.

Because the two kinds of ingredients have certain relative problems, if you eat them together, symptoms of poisoning may occur. The more obvious symptoms are vomiting and abdominal pain, which may even cause more severe symptoms such as shock.

Usually, it is best not to eat mutton when eating chestnuts. This is because both ingredients are hot ingredients. Eating together can easily lead to fire. In addition, it can easily cause indigestion and vomiting or bloating.which performed.
When eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat almonds. Eating two kinds of ingredients together will cause great irritation to the stomach and intestines, which will not only cause stomach pain, diarrhea and bloating, but also cause some poisoning reactions.It is best not to eat almonds when eating chestnuts.

Usually when eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat beef, because the vitamins in chestnuts are easy to cope with some of the nutrients in beef, which will cause the nutritional effectiveness of beef and chestnuts to decline, resulting in poor nutritional absorption.

The above simple understanding of chestnut and what phase grams?

When eating chestnuts, you should understand some food-related problems. When eating chestnuts, it is best not to eat mutton, ducks, and try not to eat almonds and beef to avoid causing some gastrointestinal reactions.

China Railway (601390) Quarterly Review: Performance Exceeds Expectation Order Growth Continues to Rebound

China Railway (601390) Quarterly Review: Performance Exceeds Expectation Order Growth Continues to Rebound

The performance exceeded expectations, and the company maintained its “overweight” rating.

700 million, a year-on-year increase of +15.

4%, achieving net profit of 154.

800 million, a year-on-year increase of +18.

At 7%, net profit after deducting non-return to motherhood increased by 21% year-on-year, and performance exceeded our expectations of the market.

19Q1-3 The company’s net operating cash flow was -409.

2 trillion, more than 82 times a year.

4 trillion, cash flow is still under pressure.

As of the end of 19Q3, the company had 3 outstanding contracts in hand.

1 trillion, an increase of 7% over the end of 18, is 4 of 18 years of income.

2 times, the company has full orders in hand. We continue to be optimistic about the upward trend of order performance. It is expected that EPS in 19-21 will be 0.



05 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The net profit attributable to mothers increased in Q3, and the main construction business grew steadily in 19Q1-3, with an income growth rate of 15%.

4%, of which Q1 / Q2 / Q3 single quarter growth rate was 8% / 20% / 17%, Q3 revenue growth slightly changed, 19Q1-3 attributed to mother net profit growth rate of 18.

7%, of which Q1 / Q2 / Q3 single-quarter growth rate was 20% / 5% / 42% respectively. The accelerated recovery of performance was mainly due to the high growth of the main construction business and the loss of asset impairment (including credit) in the first three quarters.50%.

In 19Q1-3, the company realized construction business income of 4,964 trillion, a year-on-year increase of +17.

8%, the main construction business maintained a steady growth, and the three businesses of survey and design / equipment manufacturing / real estate development achieved revenue of 112.



400 million, a year-on-year increase of +7.

4% / + 7% / + 13.

2%, real estate business revenue growth rate was earlier than 19H1 (12.

6%) slightly improved.

The net interest rate increased, the cost control ability was enhanced, and the asset and liability structure was optimized.

19 points to 9.

99%, the interval of infrastructure construction / survey design / equipment manufacturing / actual gross profit margin changed by -0 respectively.

02 / -0.

41 / + 0.

13 / + 4.

41pct, net interest rate increased by 0 compared with the same period last year.

26 points to 2.


Cost during the period of 19Q1-3 5.

79%, a decrease of 0 every year.

1pct, where the sales / management (plus R & D) / financial expense ratios are 0.

51% / 4.60% / 0.

66%, respectively +0.

06 / -0.

03 / -0.

12pct, the cost control ability has been enhanced.

19Q1-3 Asset Mortgage 77.

28%, a decrease from the same period last year.

37pct, we believe that debt-to-equity swaps can alleviate the company’s financial burden to some extent and optimize the asset-liability structure.

In the new year, the order continues to accelerate, reaching the highest growth rate in 19 years. The total number of new contracts signed by the company in 19Q1-3 was 10896.

800 million, a year-on-year increase of +14.

5%, an increase of 4% from the earlier 19H1, of which Q3 single quarter +22.

7%, up 2 pct month-on-month, the highest growth rate in 18 years.

In sub-sectors, 19Q1-3 signed a new contract for infrastructure construction 9081.

90,000 yuan, +17.

9%, an increase of 4 from the earlier 19H1.

5pc, of which the railway / municipal high-rise growth rate reached 11% / 29%, respectively, is the leading rebound in infrastructure orders.

Q3 single quarter infrastructure construction YoY + 27.

6%, up 4 pct from the previous month, reaching the highest level in 18 years.

19Q1-3 Real Estate Sales 420.

700 million, a year-on-year increase of +15.

5% in the third quarter of a single quarter +41.

6%, real estate sales accelerated.

By region, 10308 new domestic contracts were signed in 19Q1-3.

500 million, a year-on-year increase of +13.

6%, 588 new contracts were signed overseas.

300 million, a year-on-year increase of +34.

8%, increasing overseas expansion.

Revenue and performance increase steadily. Maintain “overweight” rating company’s revenue and performance increase steadily, and the orders on hand are full. We expect the company’s EPS in 19-21 to be 0.



05 (previous average 0.



13 yuan, the 杭州桑拿网 adjustment is mainly due to the issuance of shares to purchase assets caused by changes in total equity), with reference to the current comparable company 19 years wind consensus 7

63 times PE level, recognition given to the company for 7 years 19 years.


0 times PE with a target price of 6.


48 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: The carry-over of engineering orders is less than expected, and the improvement in gross profit margin is less sustainable than expected.

Diou Home Furnishing (002798): Tile + Sanitaryware Co-Development Shares Engineering Channel Growth Bonus

Diou Home 北京会所体验网 Furnishing (002798): Tile + Sanitaryware Co-Development Shares Engineering Channel Growth Bonus

Investment Highlights The acquisition of Osorno began to grow, and the shareholding was reasonably divided.

Emperor Sanitary Ware was established in Sichuan in 1994 and was listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2016. Based on common values and business synergy, the company purchased a total of 2 billion yuan in January 2018 and acquired “Oshenno Ceramics” in a “equity + cash” manner.99.

99% equity, entered the field of mid-to-high-end ceramic tiles, and subsequently changed its name to “Diou Home Furnishing” in May of the same year, ending 19Q1 Emperor Sanitary Ware and Ogsino senior management holding 45 shares respectively.

33%, 21.

63%, deep binding. After the completion of the acquisition of Emperor Sanitary Ware, while Oshenuo was receiving financial support, the operation management and maintenance team was responsible, and the management division of labor between the two parties was clear.

With a first-mover advantage, Eurotherm has a large space for ceramic tiles and achieves rapid expansion.

The total budget of the building ceramics industry before 2018 is about 533.5 billion yuan, with a CAGR of 9 per year.

70%, through the first-mover advantage of entering the tooling track, Ou Shennuo is deeply bound with leading real estate companies such as Country Garden, Vanke, Evergrande, etc., to achieve high-speed revenue growth.

With the trend of hardcover houses, the industry has been reshuffled and brand concentration has been promoted. The company has been cultivating its product + supply chain advantages for many years, and has “self-produced + outsourced” two-wheel drive to meet the high demand for orders and increase its self-built capacity.Launch, improve the supply chain service capabilities; obvious advantages of scale, reduce costs, and allow real estate developers to benefit from the size of the space.

Further accelerate the development of small and medium-sized real estate customers to ensure the company’s tooling business orders and revenue continue to grow.

Emperor Sanitary Ware focuses on the segmented acrylic track, and channel sharing helps growth.

The acrylic sanitary ware produced by the company can be durable, rich in color, and other advantages. It can meet the individual needs of consumers, the production process is environmentally friendly, and in line with the support of national industrial policies, acrylic sanitary ware can achieve continuous improvement.

At the same time, the company focused on acrylic sanitary ware, integrated operation of the industrial chain, high-speed expansion of production capacity, and the company’s advantage in scale was prominent.

Promote the channel construction in an all-round way to grasp the retail market, and at the same time deploy the Oceno tooling channel, it is expected to usher in explosive growth.

Profit forecast and investment grade: It is expected that the company’s operating income will grow by 25 years in 2019-2021.

5%, 21.

8%, 28.

5%; net profit attributable to mothers is 5.

7.0 billion, 6.

3.5 billion, 8.

5.8 billion, the previous growth rate was 33.

3%, 25.

1%, 35.


The current highest corresponding PE for 19-21 is 15 respectively.

7X, 12.

5X, 9.

3 times, at the bottom of the historical estimation center, giving the company a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Real estate forecasts exceed expectations, industry competition intensifies, and raw material prices fluctuate sharply

Kelun Pharmaceutical (002422): Confirmation of the impact of APIs on the company’s long-term innovation and transformation

Kelun Pharmaceutical (002422): Confirmation of the impact of APIs on the company’s long-term innovation and transformation
The event company released a performance forecast, which is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in the first three quarters of 2019.7 billion to 9.USD 7.2 billion, -15% to 5% per year, of which net profit in the third quarter1.42 ppm to 2.44 ppm, at least -43.21% to -2.17% commented that the drug substance dragged down the performance, optimistic about the company’s long-term innovation and transformation. The company’s net profit attributable to the mother changed in the first three quarters. In the third quarter of 2019, the company’s drug substance intermediate prices fell due to market factors and business strategy considerations, and Yili’s revenueThe tax exemption policy expires in 2018, and the performance of APIs has declined year by year, dragging down the company’s overall performance.We expect that, in addition to APIs, the company’s large infusion segment and generic drug preparation segment will achieve good growth. The large infusion segment industry is stable and continues to show moderate growth. The generic drug segment will achieve rapid volume under the possibility of centralized procurement. It is estimated thatThe excellent release trend continued in the quarter. Firmly promote the transformation of preparations and innovations, and imitation and innovation gradually enter the harvest stage. The company is developing 364 brand generic drugs and 26 new identification system (NDDS) generic drugs. Among them, albumin paclitaxel has completed BE reporting for production and irinotecan lipids.The body is in clinical stage I. Aripiprazole microcrystal and paliperidone palmitate injection are ready to start clinical.There are 85 innovative drugs under development, including 45 small molecule innovative drugs and 40 large molecule innovative drugs, of which EGFR monoclonal antibody is in phase III, PD-L1 monoclonal antibody is in phase II (including key phase II), and VEGFR2 monoclonal antibody is in clinical phase I, HER2-ADC Sino-US 南京龙凤网 clinical phase I. At present, the company has obtained a total of 25 generic drug approvals, and 11 varieties have passed the generic drug consistency evaluation. These are escital oxalate doped pulan tablets, cyperyl hydrobromide pulan tablets, clindamycin hydrochloride capsules, and ammoXilin capsules, metronidazole tablets, tinidazole tablets, cibuprolin hydrobromide capsules, acyclovir tablets, fluconazole tablets, cefalexin capsules, fudosteine tablets.Six innovative drugs have obtained domestic clinical approval, and one innovative drug has obtained American clinical approval. Among them, KL-A167 (PD-L1 monoclonal antibody) enters the clinical phase II, KL-A166 (HER2-ADC) injection is in China and the United States to conduct phase I clinical research, in September 2019 the company’s innovative tumor immune drug KL-A293 南京夜网论坛 Approved clinically, Trop2-ADC innovative drug A264 entered the US clinical phase I.We expect that Cologne will form a generic drug product group in the next 2-3 years, achieve rapid volume through centralized procurement and marketing, and gradually enter the harvest stage of innovative drugs. Earnings forecast and investment rating do not take into account changes in equity and financial costs brought about by this rights issue. We expect net profit attributable to the parent to be 12 in 2019-2021.400 million, 15.400 million, 19.30,000 yuan, an increase of 2.5%, 23.4%, 26.0%, corresponding to EPS per share is 0.86, 1.07 and 1.34 yuan / share.The company is stable above the leader in large infusions and antibiotic intermediates, and at the same time, generic drugs have entered the mass-market stage.Maintain BUY rating. Risks suggest that the price of APIs fluctuates; the progress of drug registration is not up to expectations; the price of generic drugs is lower than expected

Can youth buy it with money?

Can youth buy it with money?

This story is cruel for truth.

  A girl in her 20s married an old man in her 70s.

The old man had previously had two wives and 11 children.

But now the girl was convinced that he loved her.

  A few years later he died, leaving a huge legacy without leaving a clear will.

With two young children, she unyieldingly litigated with that family member.

  This lawsuit was too tricky. After dozens of fights for more than 10 years, she transformed her from a flowery young woman into a wrinkled middle-aged woman.

  But she has no slackness, and she is willing to continue fighting in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of herself and her children.

If she fights for more than 10 years, she will make herself an old man.

By that time, what to do if the huge legacy is still unavailable?

What about the huge legacy?

  The philosophers Zeng Langlang believes that money can buy this, but it can’t buy youth.

  Never thought that even youth can buy.

When the old man was dying, he reached a final deal with the world and bought a lot of money for his youth.

Office must pay attention to emotional dead ends

Office must pay attention to emotional dead ends

Office conflict perception touches the dead end of human emotions. Should we regret it?

Should we shake hands?

Neither are the rules of black and white or the punishment of dismissal can be solved . Even if we are co-located in an office, even when facing the indifferent machine production line, people will still have some interactions due to promotion, performance evaluation, communication, etc.unhappy.

The production environment is still like this. Creativity and R & D units are more likely to collide because of persistence in their respective fields.

  At the beginning of work, I found that sporadic conflicts and occasional gun-burning fires were nothing unusual in the office. Usually, the tone was raised a little, and they were immediately disbanded if they could n’t speak.People, let ‘s just criticize it a little bit. We take care that we have to meet every day. We must always be careful not to make the scene too embarrassing.

  However, there are two senior female executives who are not so patient, and each time they get into a fight, it becomes a special show in the office that day.

  Both of them are quite senior employees, and each of them has several soldiers to reorganize the tit-for-tat team. Once the case is “rolled up”, the two will scream at each other regardless of the eyes of the office. What emotional wordsThe ability to expose each other’s scars has been brought out, so that our little characters can only lie on the table with their heads down, for fear of a head-up peeping, we must make stray bullets scarred.

  After changing jobs, the office has become a design of cabinets, not the layout of a “chase shop” of traditional enterprises, so the conflict can only be a small-scale guerrilla warfare.

  But some times, it was an eye-opener for me.

  The two protagonists of the conflict: one is a doctor, one is a master; one is a general manager, one is a deputy general manager; one is an airborne force, and one is a cold-keeping kiln.

  At that time, my seat happened to be on the outside aisle of the two-person office. Previously, I just shot from the corner of my eyes to the vice president’s breath and bypassed the general manager’s seat.She opened the door in anger, and then heard the two roar in a few square meters of space.

Once people get angry, EQ disintegrates, whether it is a PhD or a Master.

I looked at my colleague near my seat, not sure if I should rush in to persuade.

Suddenly, with a bang, a fist knocked heavily on the senior manager’s red table, and the vice president said, “If you have the skill, try it!

“Then he got out of the door of the general manager’s room and deliberately dropped the door.

  I used to lie on the head of the OA subdivision to watch the battle, transforming that “bang!

“Fastly restored to its original state, for fear of facing the head of the smoke, and the angry vice president’s four eyes, it is difficult to ensure that he was not caught on the spot.

  Conflict is easy, and it is not so easy to clean up the mess.

Someone yelled a couple of times and it was okay. Someone remembered hate for a lifetime and thought of goodness. Someone was obviously insidious layout but did not have the courage.

  Office conflict perception touches the dead end of human emotions. Should we regret it?

Should we shake hands?
Neither is the rule of black and white or the punishment of dismissal can be solved.

Even two people who have experienced severe conflicts have to force themselves to meet in the ground after the conflict, suppressing the unhappiness of their hearts, and then smile verbally and ask for the full respect of each other “XX”Dude, that makes sense!

“This kind of bitterness may be a joke in the eyes of others, but when things happen to themselves, they really know it cold and warm.

Most recommended for children over 3 years old jogging

Most recommended for children over 3 years old jogging

For kids over 3 years old, natural jogging is most recommended.

The highest, jogging is a smoother and slower form of running. The heart rate during exercise is generally 140?
150 times, more suitable for 3?
Physiological characteristics of 6-year-old children.

At the same time, children at this age are not very coordinated in their physical movements, have weak physical strength, and poor balance ability, while running with small stride and large stride frequency is an effective means to develop children’s balance and physical strength.

Of course, children’s running needs the same learning process as walking. At this time, it is imperative for parents to play the role of coach.

It can be done from the following points: ◆ Alternative walking and running. This is the best way for children to learn to run. Parents should use games to stimulate their children ‘s interest. For example, running imitation of goose, duck and other animalsWalking.

Teach children the correct jogging posture, and gradually achieve the effect of large steps and light landing.

◆ To help children learn to breathe with their noses when they are younger, it will be more difficult to achieve this. Therefore, children are generally taught to breathe through their noses and mouths, and their mouths are not widened when they breathe.

◆ According to your child’s physical strength and climate change, the intensity and duration of running can be arranged to start from a few minutes and gradually increase.

As the functions in early childhood are not perfect, the initial stage is generally not more than 20 minutes.

Summer is planned in the early morning and spring, and winter can be a little later.

◆ Don’t overeat before jogging, avoid running immediately after eating. Of course, it is not advisable to run on an empty stomach, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the child’s body.

◆ Before jogging, you should do some preparation activities, such as gymnastics and jumping.

Do n’t stop immediately after the jogging, you can do some relaxation activities to gradually restore the body to a calm state. The child ‘s balance ability is still developing, but the pace of the step is small, but the frequency is fast, causing top-heavy feet and easy to fall.This is what some parents worry about, and some parents even restrict their children to learn to run for safety.

In fact, it is not necessary to “discard food”. Parents only need to teach the child some self-protection methods so that he can master a certain running skill in the sport, and that will be able to save him from danger.

Friendly Tips ● Warn your children to pay attention to safety before running.

For example, don’t run on the side of the road or in a crowded place, so as not to collide with each other; when running, eyes should look forward and avoid obstacles such as mounds and gravel to avoid falls.

● Teach your child to control the speed and time of running.

Generally speaking, children have poor concepts of self-control and time, and often decide exercise time based on their interests.

Therefore, parents can lead the child to run, let him gradually become familiar with and master the rhythm and speed of running.

The concept of training time can be formulated according to the speed of running, such as running a few minutes at the same speed, or running a few laps in the park.

After the child has mastered the speed and time of running, there will be no symptoms of dyspnea, asthma, etc.

● Children, especially preschool children, are not suitable for long-distance running.

Long-distance running refers to the running of women over 800 meters and men over 1500 meters. It is a very physical and endurable sport, which is not good for the health of young children.

It is often inappropriate to see children four or five years old running long distances behind adults in life.

From a medical point of view, the functions of various parts of the body of children aged four or five are still immature, especially the bones directly related to sports, the muscles are still immature, the skeletal muscles are large in elasticity, the hardness is small, and the muscle fibers are thinner, Easy to fatigue and injury.

Makeup 4 principles summer acne tips _1

Makeup 4 principles summer acne tips

The high temperature in the summer makes the T-shaped part of the skin more oily, and also brings acne removal. I want to produce greasy skin and create flawless summer beauty.

  The summer weather is hot, the pores are becoming more and more obvious, and the T-shaped part is even more shiny. The most annoying thing is that the acne that has appeared on the fresh face has actually appeared.

  Adult acne no one wants acne on their face, but few people can’t develop acne all their lives.

After puberty, acne, called adult acne, often develops in the lower half of the cheeks and occurs repeatedly in the same area.

  Squeezing acne and leaving acne scars. Do not be good at squeezing acne by yourself, because squeezing acne can cause skin injury to become irritated, swollen, and damage the pores under the epidermis.The pustules burst accidentally when squeezed.

If you continue to squeeze the pustules roughly, it will give the bacteria a chance to spread, leaving acne scars that are difficult to erase.

  Makeup for shiny skin 4Principle 1.

Massage moisturizing cream with a moisturizing lotion is like helping the skin to prevent oil and water balance first, to avoid excessive secretion of oil. Before makeup, use a refreshing moisturizing lotion for a full face massage, which can strengthen the T-shaped part.


Applying a barrier cream Oily skin should not be exposed to the sun. A barrier cream with a sun protection factor that is more refreshing should be applied.


Oil control powder for make-up uses oil control powder that can absorb oil to make a powder mist makeup effect, and can achieve the effect of controlling oil secretion and absorbing excess oil.


Must use oil control products before makeup, some oil control products after makeup, lightly clamp to the sleeve.

  Recommended acne products In addition to the above daily care, Xiaobian also recommends several products specifically for acne skin, so that MM can also say goodbye to acne invasion in summer.

  DHC Butterfly Triss Anti-Acne Gel Essence Reference Price: ¥ 168.

00 / 65ml full face anti-acne requires thorough, local anti-acne requires invisible!

This anti-acne gel can improve skin’s transparency and reduce acne marks at the same time.

  Netizens use experience: after using the effect is beyond my imagination, a certain essence, the acne receded within two days, after using it again, I found that almost no traces of acne have been left,My heart is so beautiful, now I plan to use it before buying.

  Editor’s comment: Somewhere in between, the absorption, moisturization is very good, and the skin is more delicate.

Can effectively remove acne and reduce acne marks.

  VICHY Vichy Oil Regulating Acne Essence Reference Price: ¥ 148.

00 / 15ml is suitable for oily or physiological acne skin. It can control the production of excess oil, tighten the pores, and obviously improve the skin texture, make the skin smooth and the blemishes disappear.

Acne and sudden blemishes are immediately relieved, redness and swelling gradually subside, and acne is unlikely to recur.

Relieve the excessive secretion of local skin oil, prevent the emergence of new acne acne, discomfort in the acne area disappears, and gradually no longer redness.

  Netizens use experience: absorb it thickly and put it on wherever there are peas, and after one time it will be absorbed and become transparent.

Its nature is very mild, it will not feel irritating to use, a soy bean, apply it on a layer at night, it will be small the next day when you wake up.

Use it about 3 times in a row, basically Peas can be eliminated, I think it’s really good, it is worth recommending Editor’s comment: there is no substitute for safety, it can inhibit acne.

  freeplus Fu Lifang silk anti-acne serum reference price: 200.

00/15 ml has the same PH value as the skin and is weakly acidic.

While preventing acne, protect the skin from external stimuli and keep the skin smooth and smooth.

With bactericidal effect, it can prevent acne and skin swelling early.

Suppresses excessive sebaceous gland secretion, tightens pores, and prevents greasy skin.

Excluding the moisturizing feeling of oil, it can keep skin supple.

  Netizens use experience: This persistent use also has a certain effect of reducing acne marks, as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Apply to areas with acne after water.

At first BA suggested using cotton swabs, but it was too wasteful. Later, I kept applying it by hand.
No need to apply lotion afterwards.
After applying this, you must pay attention to sun protection, so it is best to use at night.

  Editor’s comment: glue moisture, refreshing and oil-free, the design of the dropper is very hygienic.

  Herborist Herborist Shuying Acne Essence Reference Price: ¥ 120.

00 / 15ml saffron has the effect of activating blood.

Peony skin clears heat and cools blood, promotes blood circulation and whitens.

Honeysuckle clears heat and detoxifies.

Aloe clears heat and detoxifies and sterilizes.

  User experience: The price is not particularly expensive, and the drip irrigation design is very hygienic.

After washing face, apply on acne and massage until absorbed.

After waiting for absorption, start basic care. After waiting for basic care, click this again in a particularly serious place.

Then on the second day, I will feel that the anti-inflammatory effect is very good, and it will not be red. Basically, I will recover in 4 to 6 days. I am very happy, and I do n’t think it is irritating.

  Editor’s comment: Can curb the deterioration of acne and effectively remove acne.

  FANCL no added acne essence reference price: ¥ 210.

00 / 8g quickly soothes acne inflammation, redness and swelling, inhibits acne reproduction and allows you to quickly remove the origin of acne.

With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it can repair rough parts due to inflammation, and quickly restore smooth skin.

  Netizens experience: I use this essence after cleaning it.

At night, there is more oil secretion, and it is usually acne at night!

It feels a little itchy after applying it, and it’s not very comfortable!

But it’s kind of mild to get rid of acne. The frequency of acne is indeed much less!

Not bad.

Very refreshing.

  Editor’s comment: Mild and non-irritating, it has the effect of stabilizing the skin, and the effect of acne is good.