[How to make fragrant dumplings]_how to make_how to make

[How to make fragrant dumplings]_how to make_how to make

Fennel dumplings are actually what we generally call senecio. His taste is very attractive, and it tastes very delicious. The reason why he is so fragrant is that his dumplings are different. On the surface, they are all meat.The filling is no different, but if you smell it carefully, you will find that it is different. Normally it is only meaty, but fennel dumplings become fennel. What is the practice of fennel dumplings?

Dumplings originated from ancient knights.

The original name of Jiaozi was “Jiaoer”. According to legend, it was first invented by the national medical doctor Zhang Zhongjing. It has a history of more than 1,800 years.

It is a traditional specialty food experienced by the Chinese people, also known as dumplings. It is a staple food and local snack in northern China, and it is also a New Year food.

Some people say that folk songs are called “Dahan Xiaohan, and eat dumplings for Chinese New Year.

“Dumplings are mostly made with boiled dough and boiled.

There are many famous dumplings in China, such as shrimp dumplings made with Chengfen in Guangdong, steamed dumplings made in Shanghai, crab-steamed dumplings in Yangzhou, small dumplings in soup stock in Shandong, old dumplings in Shenyang, and Zhongshui dumplings in Sichuan.Welcome variety.

Xi’an has also created a dumpling feast, which uses dozens of shapes and different fillings to form a feast.

Dumplings have now become an indispensable New Year’s food for northerners.

When making dumplings, people often pack golden ruyi, brown sugar, peanuts, dates and chestnuts into the filling.

Those who eat Ruyi and brown sugar will have a sweeter day in the coming year. Those who eat peanuts will live a long and healthy life, and those who eat dates and chestnuts will have noble children.

Fennel is a vegetable that is mostly used to make dumplings and dumplings. It has a special aroma like its seeds (cumin). It is very popular in the north and rare in the south.

Because “fennel” and “return to hometown” are the same sounds, many places in the north like dumplings stuffed with fennel meat during the Spring Festival.

Note: The dumplings are mainly divided into meat fillings, vegetarian fillings, and vegetarian fillings. Before buying the meat fillings, add a small amount of water and mix it, and then add the green onion, ground ginger, pepper noodles or five spice powder, monosodium glutamate, salt, and a small amount of soy sauce.You can add some vegetable oil if you don’t feel greasy, but if the meat filling is fat enough, you can save it, and then gently evenly in one direction, and then adjust the saltiness.

If you like, you can add sesame oil to see your personal taste.

Stir the minced meat for a while before you can make dumplings.

You can also use this method to make beef and mutton stuffing.

Chop the stuffing with chopsticks.

Because the meat flavor substance remains in the cells, the meat is manually chopped, the meat is mechanically squeezed unevenly, and the muscle cells are less damaged, and some of the gravy is still mixed or dispersed in the meat filling.Fever produces high temperature to make meat degenerate, taste substances such as amino acids, and inosinic acid are lost in large amounts with blood.

[Can confinement eat steak]_ postpartum _ can you eat

[Can confinement eat steak]_ postpartum _ can you eat

During confinement, women need to pay special attention to food, because there are many foods that have a great impact on the physical health of women and the quality of milk.

And steak is a particularly popular food.

So, can I eat steak during confinement?

In fact, confinement can eat steak, but you need to pay attention to be sure to eat fully cooked steak.

First, what is steak?

Steak, or beef steak, is a block of beef. The cooking method is mainly frying and grilling. It is one of the most common foods in Western food.

The more famous are filet mignon, naked eye steak, sirloin steak (sirloin steak), and T-bone steak.

Steak is different from most other cooked foods. You can adjust the raw and cooked levels according to personal preference. The raw and cooked degrees are separated by odd numbers. They are mainly divided into: whole, near, one, three, five, seven, and whole.Cooked.

Second, the nutritional value of steak 1. The steak meat contains a large number of essential amino acids, proteins, trace amounts, sugars, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other ingredients required by the human body.The effect of nourishing qi and blood, strengthening muscles and bones.

2. The human body cannot completely supplement the required nutrients in absorbing the nutrients of metabolized food. The amino acid composition of beef is closer to human needs than pork, and it is absorbed from beef as the most direct and complete, which can improve the body’s disease resistance.Ability, special convenience for people involved in nursing, such as supplementing blood loss, repairing tissue, etc., suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

(Recommended recipes for breastfeeding?

) 3. The nutritional content of beef is very high. The human body needs 22 kinds of amino acids every day. More than half of the amino acids are manufactured by the human body, but there are 8 kinds of amino acids that cannot be made in the body. They are called essential amino acids.Must be taken from food.

Beef food contains these eight essential amino acids, and they are 100% absorbed, which is incomparable to the nutrition of any animal or plant. There is a saying that eating a piece of beef can resist the nutrition of a day.

4, the lean part of beef, rich in high-quality protein, iron, vitamin B group and other excellent nutrients.

Protein and sugar, the three major nutrients that adults need for the human body, are indispensable nutrients to maintain human health, and are the most important nutrients to sustain life.

Human muscles, skin, organs, bones, and blood vessels are all made of them. They are also the raw materials for making blood, hormones, oxygen, nerve conduction substances, and immune substances. Therefore, it is beneficial for mothers to eat steaks after delivery.

Third, can confinement eat steak?

1. Beef is rich in iron that is easily absorbed by the human body. Iron is an important substance that constitutes the hemoglobin that transports oxygen and energy to the body’s red blood cells in the blood.

Symptoms such as anemia, poor blood gas, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, and bifurcation of hair caused by iron deficiency.

Women lose 15-30mg of iron every month due to menstruation, so the iron requirement is 20% more than that of men.

Eating easily absorbed beef postpartum can greatly increase iron absorption.

2. Essential amino acids-8 for adults, 10 for 2 more for children, essential amino acids cannot be made in the human body, and play an important role in the growth and development of infants. The most direct and complete intake from beef.
Another feature of beef is that it contains balanced nutritional amino acids, which has a strong physical effect on children during development.

3. Steak is marinated food after all, so you must eat steak in moderation.

Steaks are hot foods, and eating too much during breastfeeding can easily lead to breast milk and baby anger.

At the same time, the steak contains higher fat, which increases the trace amount contained in the lactation period, resulting in weight gain during the lactation period.

4, breastfeeding mothers must be fully cooked when eating steak, do not eat half-baked, so as not to cause gastrointestinal infection bacteria.

In addition, breastfeeding mothers are best not to eat black pepper or other spicy steaks to avoid affecting breast milk.

5. Fully cooked steak suffers from texture, elasticity, chewyness, and laborious chewing. The teeth of the new mother are fragile after eating, and eating steak will affect dental health.

[Hot pot making]_Hot pot_How to make_How to make

Awesome, tweezers, and hot pots, all of which are flawed, new, and new, as well as new ones, as well as others, chopping, hacking, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping, chopping簳鏂欓兘鑳藉奖鍝嶅埌杩欎釜鐏攨鐨勫彛鍛筹紝鍦ㄥ鍒朵綔鐏攨鐨勬祦绋嬮渶瑕佹敞鎰忎簺浠€涔堝憿锛熸棤璁烘槸閫夎喘鐗涙补锛岃繕鏄埗浣滄竻姹わ紝楹昏荆閿呴兘鍙互鍙傝€冧笅闈㈢殑娴佺▼鏉ユ搷浣溿€傝繃绋嬩腑鐨勪竴涓皬宸ф€濊兘瑙e喅浣犺嚜宸卞埗浣滅伀閿呬腑閬囧埌鐨勫皬闂銆?鐏攨鐨勭編濡欒浜轰箣澶勫湪鍏跺懗锛岃€屽叾鍛虫潵鑷伀閿呭師姹ょ殑璋冨埗锛屽畠鍐冲畾鐏攨鐨勯鍛筹紝涔熸槸鍒朵綔鐏攨鏈€鍏抽敭鐨勪竴鐜€傚師姹ょ殑濂藉潖锛屽叧绯诲埌鐏攨鐨勬垚璐ャ€傞噸搴嗙伀閿呯殑鍝佺杈冨锛屽師姹や篃鍚勬湁宸埆锛屼絾鏈€鍩烘湰鐨勬槸绾㈡堡銆佹竻姹や袱绉嶃€傚彧瑕佹帉鰻 氩 欎 嬎 嶅 嶅 嶅 姅 姹 姹 姹 姹 嶰 嶆 南 鍜 岃 璟 鍒 訒 南 娪 更 溶 勫 ソ 撓 雓 間 咒 咒 啒 鈺 咒 僕 鬒 鈺 鬒 鈰 咱 銆 鈈 慒 鈰 戒 咽 慓 楓 鈒 鈰 鈰 鈰 鈰 戛 僰 鈰 戛 鬒 鈒 僽I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m a teacher, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to doWhat are you talking about? Do you know how to draw? Do you know how to do it? Do you know how to do it? Do you want to forge a fan? Do you want to make a fan?鐏攨鎵€鐢ㄧ殑涓昏璋冨懗鍝佹湁锛氳眴鐡o紙浠ラ儷鍘胯眴鐡d负涓婏級銆佽眴璞夈€侀啰绯熸眮銆佽姳妞掋€佽€佸銆佸ぇ钂溿€佺簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮俱€佹枡閰掋€佺墰娌广€佹按銆佺碂杈f銆侀夯娌广€佽儭妞掔矇銆佸啺绯栧拰浜旈鏂欑瓑銆?鍋氭硶姝ラ1銆佹瘺鑲濈敤娓呮按婕傚噣婕傜櫧锛岀墖鎴愪箣鍘樼背瀹界殑闀胯杽鐗囷紝鐢ㄥ噳姘存紓璧枫€傝倽銆佽叞鍜岀墰鑲夊潎鐗囨垚鍙堣杽鍙堝ぇ鐨勭墖銆?銆佽懕鍜岃挏鑻楀潎鍒囨垚7涓€10鍘樼背闀跨殑娈点€傞矞鑿滐紙鑾茶姳鐧姐€佽姽鑿溿€侊級鍗峰績鑿溿€佽睂璞嗚嫍鍧囧彲锛夛紝鐢ㄦ竻姘存礂鍑€锛屾挄鎴愰暱鐗囥€?銆佽眴榧撱€佽眴鐡e墎纰庛€傜倰閿呯疆涓伀涓婏紝涓嬬墰娌?5鍏嬨€佺儳鑷冲叓鎴愮啛锛堢害180鈩冿級鏃讹紝鏀惧叆璞嗙摚鐐掗叆锛屽姞鍏ュ鏈€佽荆妞掔矇銆佽姳妞掔倰棣欙紝鍐嶅叆鐗涜倝姹ょ儳娌革紝绉昏嚦鏃虹伀涓婏紝鏀惧叆鏂欓厭銆佽眴榧撱€侀啰绯熸眮锛岀儳娌稿嚭鍛筹紝鎾囧敖娴搏锛屽嵆涓虹伀閿呭崵姹併€?The most important thing is that it’s a great place for you. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of time.涓婃锛屽悇绉嶈倝鑿滃師鏂欏垎鍒瘡鍏ョ洏涓紝涓庣簿鐩愩€佺墰娌?25鍏嬪悓鏃朵笂妗岋紝闄よ剨楂撱€佽懕銆佽挏鑻楄鍏堜笅鍏ョ伀閿呭锛屽叾瀹冨師鏂欑敱瀹㈠叆闅忛闅忋€傜儷锛屽苟鏍规嵁姹ゅ懗娴撴贰閫傞噺鍔犲叆绮剧洂鍜岀墰娌广€?

China National Travel Service (601888): Q1 continues to grow at a high speed

China National Travel Service (601888): Q1 continues to grow at a high speed

Investment highlights: The company announced its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report: the company will gradually achieve operating income of 470 in 2018.

07 million yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.

21%, net profit attributable to mother 30.

95 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

29%, in line with Air Force Express guidelines.

Among them, the tax-free income in 2018 was 33.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 124%, and the profit of China Exempt Company 30.

78 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.


In Q1 2019, the company realized revenue of 13.7 billion yuan, an increase of 54.

72%, of which travel agencies were deleted in February, a total of 6.

100 million revenue, after excluding the other parts of revenue increased by nearly 120% per year.

The main increase came from the consolidated income of Shanghai, Shanghai and Shanghai.

Net profit attributable to mother 23.

US $ 0.6 billion, after deducting investment income such as travel agencies, deducting non-net profit increased and increased.

37%, slightly higher than our Air Force’s judgment of 30-35% growth rate.

Generated in 2018 due to the devaluation of the RMB.

1.8 billion exchange losses (while the exchange rate also affects gross margin).

Staff compensation for administrative expenses (an increase of 72 per year.

3%) The growth rate is higher than the expenditure in sales expenses (annual growth of 54).

4%), in the context of operational excellence, executive spending is generally competitive.

In Q1 2019, the sales expense ratio increased by +9 due to the deduction.

89pct to 27.


Airport tax exemptions remain strong, and there is still room for consumer refunds.

Shanghai Bid 2019Q1 is expected to have revenue of about 3.6 billion, an annual increase of 32%, and the initial growth rate is significantly strong. Last year, it was about 12 billion (Shanghai was exempted from taxes by 13 billion US dollars, and a small part of the sales volume)

Capital Airport last year totaled 73.

89 trillion revenue, an increase of about 30% over the same period, according to T2: T3 about 3: 7 forecast, 2018Q4 Capital Airport revenue increase by 30%.

It is expected that Capital Airport will have room to release after Daxing Airport starts operation in 2019.

The Shanghai store is expected to open in the middle of the year. At present, the policy of liberalizing the shopping of overseas Chinese has not yet landed. At the same time, it is still necessary to pay attention to the subsequent confirmation of the proportion between the city store and the airport.

The conversion rate of Haitang Bay has increased significantly. After supplying Haidu Free, the company will integrate the tax-free market in Hainan.

Sanya Haitang Bay 2018Q4 net profit 2.

46 trillion, down 7 a year.

29%, mainly related to points policy, inventory impairment and bonus situation.

Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop and Sanya International Duty Free City reached 288 shopping trips last year, an increase of 20% over the previous year, reaching US $ 10.1 billion, an increase of 26%.

In terms of the split, the passenger unit price has basically not increased in 2018, and the expected increase is basically from the sales of 四川耍耍网 cosmetics. Moreover, after the quota was released on December 1, the passenger unit price growth rate was within 10%, mainly from the increase in tourist conversion rates.
The conversion rate of Haitang Bay increased by 4 in 2018.

84pct to 28.
At present, it is difficult to increase the customer unit price without releasing the postal tax and the number of cases. The construction of the two new duty-free shops is expected to promote the increase in the customer unit price in the non-Sanya region.

At present, the Sanya Hexin Island project has begun to attract investment. It is expected to open this year, supporting the number of visitors and conversion rate.

The Haima-free supply contract has been signed, and the follow-up is still to be merged into a listed company.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We believe 重庆耍耍网 that the comprehensive evaluation index of PS and PE is more reasonable for the company, and the upper and lower bounds of 40 times PE and 3 times PS are reasonable.

New policy catalysis can bring about marginal growth.

Taking into account the strengthening of promotional efforts, we revise down the profit forecast for 19-20 years, supplement 2021, and expect the EPS for 19-21 to be 2.



15 yuan (the original 2019/2020 profit forecast 2).


70 yuan), corresponding PE is 32/30/25 times, maintaining the “overweight” level

Shanghai Airport (600009): Non-aviation revenue grows faster than expected, expansion of production capacity ushers in new growth point

Shanghai Airport (600009): Non-aviation revenue grows faster than expected, expansion of production capacity ushers in new growth point

Event: On August 27, Shanghai Airport released its 2019 semi-annual report. In the first half of 2019, Shanghai Airport realized operating income of 54.

5.5 billion yuan, an annual increase of 21.

1%, net profit attributable to mothers was 270,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.

5%, in line with the performance expectations we gave in early July.

The growth rate of aviation revenue is stable, and the capacity restraint is coming to an end.

Shanghai Airport is one of the three major gateway airports. Due to the low punctuality rate after the “Circular 115”, the growth rate is slower at all times. From the first half of 2019, the number of landings 天津夜网 increased by only 1.

92%, of which domestic takeoffs and landings only increased by 3.

twenty four%.

“Circular 115” only restricts the increase and decrease of domestic flights and affects international flights. Pudong Airport will inevitably focus on the development of international flights in the process of increasing throughput, and fully take advantage of the high standards of international flights.The internal structure of aviation revenue has gradually changed.

In the future, after S1 and S2 are put into operation, the on-time improvement rate of flights will remain above 80%. Next year, capacity will increase, transfer throughput will continue to increase, and aviation revenue is still expected to usher in rapid growth.

The increase of deduction points is beneficial to the growth of non-airline revenue, and the negotiation of airway rights is favorable to the 都市夜网 growth of international flights.

The non-aeronautical revenue growth of Shanghai Airport in 2019 is 35.

09%, including tax-free deduction income within the commercial catering revenue growth reached 45.

99%, the proportion of its operating income increased rapidly to 50.


With the official implementation of the new duty-free shop agreement in 2019 and the end of Japan-Korea air rights negotiations, it is expected that non-aeronautical revenue will continue to grow at a high speed in the future, and its proportion in operating revenue will also increase.

The gross profit margin of non-aeronautical revenue is higher than that of aeronautical revenue, so the continuous increase of non-aeronautical revenue will gradually increase the overall profitability of Shanghai Airport.

Operating costs continue to be steady, and new cycle costs are imminent.

Pudong Airport is still at the peak of the airport’s “life cycle”, with operating costs increasing by 9 in the first half of 2019.

25%, of which the growth rate of operating and labor costs is not higher than 15%, and the overall cost is controllable.

The Pudong Airport Satellite Hall project will be put into use in 2019, and the life cycle has entered a new starting point.

In the disclosed budget, the overall budget scale of the expansion project has dropped from 20 billion to 16.7 billion, a decrease of 16%.


The current progress of the satellite hall project has reached 95%, and it will be expended in September, and the capital investment will be less than 50% in the budget. The specific amount of fixed assets may not match the budget amount, and future cost pressures can be controlled.

Investment suggestion: From the results announcement and operating data, the growth rate of Shanghai Airport’s operating income is still maintained at a high level, non-aeronautical revenue accounts for more than 50%, and costs are within a reasonable growth range, and long-term fundamentals continue to improve.

Therefore, we maintain our profit forecast for 2019-2021 to 51.

03 billion, 54.

6.3 billion and 63.

38 trillion, corresponding to the current PE is 33 times, 31 times, 27 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk reminder: the macro economy is significantly down, passenger growth is slower than expected, and the Civil Aviation Administration is always tightening control

Old-fashioned hot and sour powder won 1.100 million round A investment epidemic prompts instant food revival?

Old-fashioned hot and sour powder won 1.100 million round A investment epidemic prompts instant food revival?
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title: Old-fashioned hot and sour powder won 1.100 million round A investment, the epidemic contributed to the revival of convenience foods?  Chen Zhaohui, chairman and president of Baijia Foods, said that after the completion of the A round of financing, Baijia Foods restarted the B round of financing plans. It will sprint the goal of 1 billion US dollars in 2020 and plan to complete the IPO within 3 years.  Convenience foods that have been hit hard by takeaways at the far end are unexpectedly tight in the new crown pneumonia epidemic.Most of the established convenience food companies have obtained large-scale strategic investments of over 100 million yuan-Sichuan Baijia Food Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baijia Food”) has obtained financing.  On February 19, Baijia Foods and Tongchuang Weiye Group jointly announced that they had reached a merger as one.The equity investment cooperation of 100 million US dollars, the financing funds will be mainly used for Baijia Food to expand the existing plant capacity, and expand offline sales, online direct supply business.The investment was led by Tongchuangwei Group, followed by Qianhai Equity Investment Fund and Changzhou Binfu Modern Service Industry Fund.  Zheng Weihe, chairman of Tongchuang Weiye, introduced that the investment accounted for about 10% of the shares.Chen Zhaohui, chairman and president of Baijia Foods, said that after the completion of the A round of financing, Baijia Foods restarted the B round of financing plans. It will sprint the goal of 1 billion US dollars in 2020 and plan to complete the IPO within 3 years.  Founded in 2001, Baijia Foods specializes in Sichuan specialty hot and sour fans.At present, it has become the first brand in the convenient segment of hot and sour fans.In 2015, Baijia Food entered the instant noodle market again.In 2016, the company reorganized to seek listing in the capital market.  However, at the same time as Baijia Food’s food business expanded, catering takeaways have risen sharply, traditional convenience foods have been greatly affected, and sales of instant noodles, ham sausages and other products have fallen sharply.The traditional convenience food industry has begun to develop new products and plan strategic adjustments.  At this time, the Bai family made a strategic adjustment to “advance into the new convenience food field”.Chen Zhaohui said, 3 yuan?5 yuan of traditional instant noodles is not suitable for more than 400 million middle class, and many college students, middle school students, their consumption has been upgraded.”Let’s see what consumers want of staple food?I have to fill my stomach today. I may eat rice, rice noodles, vermicelli, or dumplings or a bowl of porridge. These products are what I want to make.This is the new convenience food.”At present, the structure of Baijia Food’s products has undergone tremendous changes. The benchmarking of takeaways and the mid-to-high-end product line of benchmarking Chinese fast food have become the main products.The sales volume of Chengdu Tianshui, the two largest single products, also exceeded 100 million.New convenience foods with an average unit price of more than 10 yuan now account for more than 30% of the entire company’s sales.  Chen Zhaohui said that Chinese fast food had exceeded 1 last year.The sales scale of 500 million US dollars, of which about 500 billion are sold through take-out, Meituan, hungry? The ordering scale of the two online take-out platforms exceeds 400 billion.”We see a take-out market of around 500 billion yuan, and the take-out market is still growing in double digits.”The outlet for new convenience foods seems to have emerged in this new crown pneumonia epidemic.”Chen Chaohui told First Financial that in March last year, they had sold more than 30 million yuan.Finally, on February 18th, their order this month has exceeded 100 million yuan, and the replacement has exceeded 50 million yuan.”Our sales growth is relatively large, which is the cause of the epidemic. It must also be explained that the new convenience food is a blue ocean market, and the market has a great future.”” He introduced to China Business News: “Take this month as an example, will we have 10%?20% of orders are put into the second month due to capacity, which is quite normal.Under the current epidemic situation, it is possible that 30% of orders received this month and 40% will be placed next month.”The Bai family currently has three factories in Beijing, Chengdu and Yibin. Due to the supply chain situation, the current production capacity is about 60% restored.This has a certain impact 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 on the sustainability of Baijia food production.  Chen Zhaohui told First Business Finance that in this round of demand, more new high-end convenience foods are compared, such self-heating rice, sweet water noodles, soul rice noodles, Guizhou Huaxi beef flour, red oil noodles, etc.A little bit more expensive, 8 or 9 yuan in bags and 10 yuan in bowls.  ”It can be polished from the product structure, and the demand for new convenience foods will grow.”Last year, new convenience foods accounted for nearly 40%, and development is fast.This year, I think it will exceed 50%. Of course, this is also related to our focus. We will also make traditional convenience foods, hot and sour powder, and low-end non-fried instant noodles. This demand will also exist, but our strategic focus isThe proportion of new convenience foods will increase significantly this year.”

Natural DIY mask helps you ease skin sensitivity_1

Natural DIY mask helps you alleviate skin sensitivity

If you feel itchy skin, redness, erythema, peeling, etc., it may be caused by skin discomfort due to allergies.

Do n’t worry, there are many common foods on your hands that are excellent soothing anti-inflammatory skin care products. Use them to DIY a mask, the natural ingredients are safe and effective, can help you instantly calm allergic skin!

  Take a look at the 5 types of foods and tap their “potential”!

  1. Honey If you have sensitive skin, you need to pay special attention to the use of scrubs when changing seasons.

Honey is your favor. It is a natural exfoliating product, but unlike scrubs, it can soothe the skin and even be effective against bacteria.

The removal of waste keratin will not further stimulate your skin, and the new and young skin will not bring the invasion of acne bacteria. It is really a great skin care helper!

How to use: Honey is mixed with some sugar and lemon juice. After they are evenly mixed, use them to gently circulate on a wooden board, which can gently remove old dead skin cells.

  2. Avocado is also called avocado. Do you think you are very familiar with it?

Shea butter is added to many skincare products because it has super good water replenishment and calming effects.

How to use: Put a fresh avocado in the refrigerator and save it. Apply it for 20 minutes before you date or return home at night to bring you moisturized and delicate skin!

  3. Oatmeal In addition to being a very good weight loss food, oatmeal is also a powerful smoothing agent, which can smooth rough skin.

How to use: You can add a bowl of blisters and apply it as a mask for 15 minutes. It will immediately soothe the redness of the skin and soften the skin.

  4. Celery Celery has a good anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce skin peeling and tightness.

How to use: Cut a small piece of celery to pieces, or use a food blender to grind it, then apply it on your body like a sedative ointment to feel dry, torn and swollen, and you will immediately see improvement!

  5, tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and carotene, lycopene, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, whether directly used in the body or edible, are good for the skin and the body.

Some tests have shown that tomatoes are peeled and seeds are mashed and applied to a small number of skin dermatoses. 2?
Relief effect after 3 days.

How to use: So if your skin is sensitive to redness, try using a tomato as a mask, leave it on for 15 minutes, and wash it off to whiten and soothe.

Nail bite parents need to be vigilant during childhood

“Nail bite” parents need to be vigilant during childhood

Although this habit can begin as early as 3 years old, many children bite their nails between the ages of 10 and 18.
After 10 years of age, nail biting is more common in boys.
When biting, bored, or attracted to an activity, such as watching TV or doing homework, children often bite their nails.
When they are vulnerable, children are more likely to bite their nails.
Once the nail is bitten off or damaged, it is easier for children to continue this habit, probably because they subconsciously try to smooth the rough edges of the nail.
Dry, chapped palms can also cause more bites: the skin near the epidermis becomes rough, prompting children to chew and smooth the surface of farm animals.
Health concerns Biting your nails can irritate the epidermis and skin near your nails, causing bleeding and infection.
It can also cause breaks in the edges of teeth, especially incisors.
Things you shouldn’t do. Don’t pay too much attention to this habit, and don’t tell your child that his nails are ugly, because it will only make him uncomfortable and anxious, and may encourage the habit to continue.
Do not allow children to knock things open or dig dirt with their nails; when the nails are broken, this can cause rough and barbed nails, increasing the child’s urge to bite their nails.
Things to do Start a daily nail protection program: use a moisturizer to moisturize your child’s nails and use a hardener to harden the nails.
Smooth the edges of the nails with a matte board.
Apply hand cream several times a day.
If your child is a girl, you can also try to apply transparent nail polish to strengthen his nails.

Exercise nopain effect helps decompression

Exercise nopain effect helps decompression

The reason why exercise can relieve stress and maintain a peaceful mind is related to the nostril effect.

Nopalea is a hormone of the body and is called the “happy factor”.

When the exercise reaches a certain amount, the body’s nostril effect can delight the nerves and even take away stress and unhappiness.

  Certain kinds of exercise can reduce stress. Generally speaking, aerobic exercise can relax the whole body.

If you want to relieve stress through exercise, you can take part in some mild, low-volume exercise to calm down the mood, such as skipping rope, aerobics, swimming, walking, playing table tennis, etc.

For candidates, if they have the opportunity to participate in some collective sports, such as basketball, volleyball, etc., they can also enjoy the joy of cooperation and enhance their fighting spirit.

Exercise time can be controlled in about half an hour every day.

  Here is a way to relax your muscles and practice before bedtime.

Lie down in a quiet, softly lit room with your palms up, your legs straight, and your toes extended.

Close your eyes and breathe gently at your own pace.

Tighten the facial muscles for about 10 seconds and relax; slowly raise your head up and lower; lift your shoulders for 10 seconds and relax; hold your arms and fingers and make a fist for 10 seconds to relax; raise your hips and then slowly lower them; heelsClose up, stretch your legs and toes, and then relax completely.

Repeat the exercise 5 times.

  In addition, proper physical exercise will help eliminate fatigue and improve repetitive practices.

Candidates study hard at the desk all day, monotonous and boring.

Long-term monotonous stimulation can easily cause physiological and psychological fatigue, and exercise can change the intensity of stimulation, thereby improving and regulating the important role of brain function.

To give full play to the potential of the brain, activities must be reasonably arranged so that certain hemispheres or certain functional areas are not fatigued by repeated monotonous stimuli. It is necessary to coordinate movement and statics and relax in order to improve the comprehensive analysis ability of the cerebral cortex.

  Breath decompression is very effective. People who exercise know that deep breathing can help you return your exercise heart rate to normal heart rate as soon as possible when you are finally relaxing.

Taking a few deep breaths when you are nervous can also adjust the effect of relaxation.

Candidates should be able to learn some methods of breathing decompression, which are very effective.

  Take a deep breath, choose a comfortable position, or stand or sit, put your hands on your chest, keep your upper body relaxed, and extend the length while inhaling. Hold your lips tightly, exhale slowly, and repeat a few times.Feeling tense eases a lot, and my mood will relax.

  Purify your breathing and stand with your feet apart and shoulder-width apart.

Inhale deeply with your nose, while slowly lifting your arms horizontally to the top.

After breathing in enough air (both arms are lifted up), the two arms are rapidly lowered like a “slash,” and exhale while shouting “Ha”.

This exercise helps to relieve mental tension and allows long-term stasis in the lungs to escape.

  Excessive exercise is not effective. If you experience too much stress and bad mood to exercise, your thoughts will be confused and your attention will not be focused, which will affect the effect of exercise.

For example, some people deliberately do some intense, heavy-duty sports. They believe that when they sweat a lot, stress and bad mood will be released.

In fact, the effect is just the opposite. This kind of intense and heavy exercise will not only cause physical fatigue, coupled with the original tense spirit, the stress will not be resolved, but the emotion will be worse.

  In order to achieve the effect of relaxing the body and mind, you can choose your favorite sports that can produce a sense of joy.

Bathe in time after exercise to prevent colds, do not exercise for too long, and avoid excessive fatigue or excitement.

Before the review, before going to bed, one hour before the test is not suitable for strenuous exercise, especially on the last day before the test.

  Nutrition experts are indispensable for dietary assistance. In the face of worrisome things or constant pressure, the body will produce “attack or escape reactions” such as rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and muscle tightening. At this time, the body needs nutrients in particular.Vitamins and extra energy.

When a person is under great psychological pressure, the body will consume a large amount of vitamin C. You should pay attention to vitamin C fruits and vegetables such as onions, green peppers, and cauliflower.

Eating less and eating more can also help alleviate the tension and fatigue of candidates.

27 pieces of advice for college boys and girls

27 pieces of advice for college boys and girls

27 sentences of advice for college boys1, don’t think that the university is still an ivory tower, you can be at ease, spend the next month.

You can play video games, you may not play your university, and this society.

  2. No matter how doubtful and confused you are about the future, don’t forget to set a goal.

It doesn’t matter what one’s past or present is, what will be most important in the future.

Unless you have an ideal for the future, you can’t do much.

  3. When you are touted by your classmates as a master of love, don’t be complacent about it, let alone wait for the machine to show off.

Because the smart girl knows your bottom line.

You won’t really win their favor, in the end you can only lose yourself.

  4. Don’t think of a woman as a piece of clothing that you choose. You can change it if you wear it.

There are absolutely no new clothes in the world, not to mention that clothes that are truly suitable are most comfortable to wear.

  5. Don’t easily say to a girl you have a slightly favorable opinion: I love you, these three words are not light in weight, it is a heavy responsibility.

Also don’t say to your girlfriend three days and two ends: I love you, because what is really aimed at her is not what she wants to get.

  6. If you think you are handsome, then open your heart and improve your inner cultivation.

Men with swear words are definitely not trendy.

Good inner cultivation is the most conquering weapon for women.

  7. Don’t be generous in front of the girls, just like a brother, even you are really rich.

You know, the woman who fancy your existing money will one day betray you for money.

  8. Don’t think that only a man who can smoke and drink can be a mature man.

Not many girls will like your full smoke and alcohol approaching her.

Appropriate reading books, listening to some classical music, may be the real capital.

  9. Don’t blame any big beauty all day long, there are so many dinosaurs.

Let me tell you the truth: China still has more yang and less yin, as long as one can follow you.

Moreover, the advent of the dinosaur era is not necessarily an improvement on society.

  10. When you have trouble with your girlfriend, be more forgiving and patient.

Admitting her mistakes in a timely manner is necessary to cheer her up.

The gentleman’s manner at this time is probably the most practical.

You know, most girls need you to be able to take care of her like an elder brother, let her be modest, and even her fault most of the time.

  11. Be a big-minded boy.

Don’t be overly sensitive when your girlfriend is dating her opposite sex friends.

No girl likes to have you and her world. In addition to love, she also needs heterosexual friendship.

Even she loves you again.

  12, when dating a girl, be sure to wait for her a few minutes in advance.

Don’t feel that she will be satisfied on time. Often she hopes that you wait earlier, instead of appearing on time without a bad point.

Of course not to be late.

  13. At the weekend, don’t let your girlfriend live alone on the grounds of playing games or playing with buddies.

Sometimes she just wants to feel like walking with you on the street.

When shopping, she doesn’t have to buy anything or ask you to pay.

  14. Don’t believe in love at first sight. The stories in movies, TV series, and love novels are all deceived by editors.If you and your current girlfriend are in love at first sight, and they are still in good condition, I can only tell you: buddy, you won a special prize of 5 million computer lottery!

  15. If you have been carrying your girlfriend with another girl, or even doing some serious business, don’t tell her the truth.

Sometimes beautiful lies are a must.

Girls’ thoughts are more difficult for us boys.

  16. If you are cynical, or if you are smart enough to play n girls (n1) at the same time, then I want to tell you: in the end you must play yourself.

  17. If you are a bad-spoken boy, it doesn’t matter. I believe that there must be many aspects that attract some girls.

Unconfident boys, even if you are good, girls will stay away.

Moreover, some people say: the deeper the person, the more silent.

  18. Don’t think decadence is a kind of beauty, no one will pity a fallen, unknowing person.

A man without a sense of enterprise and initiative can only spend his life.

  19. For special holidays, don’t forget to give your girlfriend only a gift, a blessing, and ignore the brothers and sisters who have cared for you.

  20. When going upstairs, walk behind the girl; get on and off to open the door actively; help her to open the seat before taking a seat; when entering the elevator, enter the elevator before the lady, when exiting the elevator, follow the lady out of the elevator while pressingOpen the door key . These trivial details will impress the girls, don’t think that only sweet words are the most tempting.

  21. Pay attention to personal image and hygiene habits.

No girl is willing to look at your stubble with uneven cheeks and scaly long hair.

There are also stink socks and sneakers piled up under the bed for half a month.

  22. When you and your friend “bicker” about a small matter or face criticism and criticism of others for your shortcomings, you must learn to restrain your emotions.

You know, anger is a sign of ignorance and you can’t lose your temper easily.

  23, the natural color is the most beautiful, do not feel the discolored hair, the strange shape is called handsome.

Only naive and naive girls can be confused by these superficial phenomena.

Because you can never keep up.

  24. Don’t be indifferent to anything, it doesn’t matter.

People who disregard life will also be ignored by life.

Pay attention to the following aspects of your own interests and hobbies can not be ignored.

  25, cherish time, do not feel that I am young anyway, time can be extravagant.

Everyone who has achieved success in their studies and careers has a trick to achieve great things: to change “leisure” to “not idle”, that is, not to steal leisure, not greedy.

  26. Don’t belittle friends, and end up being an innocent “offense.”

Of course, true friendship will never be buddy. Friends of wine and meat are not worth cherishing.

  27. Honor your parents and your teachers.

If your mother and your wife (girlfriend) fall into the water, who are you bored with first, I think it is unnecessary to translate and research.

If your girlfriend will worry about hating you because you saved your mother, I don’t think she’s worth it.

  27 sentences of advice to college girls1, try to make each day as fulfilling as possible.

Only by keeping yourself busy can you diminish the pain and boredom.

frido kahlo said a very classic saying-“I drink to drown the pain, but the damn pain has learned to swim”.

What I want to tell you is that pain will never give up life automatically because of your compromise. Pain and boredom are the most vital things in the world.

  2. If someone says to you, “I don’t know.

“Don’t do something like this: won’t you?

“Everyone’s knowledge is different, and what you think may be common sense is likely to not need to be grasped by others.

  3. The friendship between women is very delicate.

Even in wonderful relationships, there is jealousy caused by vanity.

The opposite sex will be better, especially when there is no strong relationship between you, he will appreciate you.However, please keep that sentence in mind: the only person in the world who won’t be jealous of you is your parents.
  4. You can tell your roommate how much he loves you happily, but don’t talk about how someone you do n’t like chases you.
Because even if you have a helpless tone, you still can’t hide the superiority of showing off the nature.
  5. Don’t smoke anyway.
Don’t think how beautiful those beautiful women are in smoking, don’t think that decadence is a beauty.
I would rather you go shopping crazy when you are feeling depressed and need to vent.
  6. Be very careful when choosing books.
Because if you buy the wrong piece of clothing, all you lose is money.
Reading the wrong book means that you lose the time and opportunity to read another good book.
  7. Don’t easily borrow a large amount of money from others, especially friends or boyfriends who are not deeply involved.
My principle is: I would rather sell my personal belongings than easily reach out to others.
Think about it. Are there any items around you that are more important than friendship and love?
  8. In any case, don’t forget to keep two books with you: “Siege” and “Island Interview”.
The former makes you relax and think, the latter makes you think and relax.
  9. Don’t see “buy one get one free” and “half price promotion” and put the goods into the shopping basket excitedly.
Most of these things you don’t need.
  10. In order for a girl to win the favor of a man, in addition to those basic virtues that everyone knows, the most important thing is to have fun.
This is what is commonly called “cute”.
Cuteness can’t be achieved by whispering “I like you so much”, it’s a natural expression.
Cuteness actually requires subconscious inspiration.
This kind of inspiration is only for girls who love life and are curious about everything in the future.
  11. For a girl to win the favor of women, in addition to the basic virtues that everyone knows, the most important thing is: don’t make women feel that your words and deeds when you are with them are significantly different from those when you are in a public place with men.
Don’t pretend, if you have to disguise in some places, at least not just in front of men.
  12. Don’t try to maintain an ambiguous relationship with n men, (n> 1), and then choose one as your boyfriend.
The final result must be that you will lose them all.
Because you will always regret your choice, and you will always feel that the unselected is better.
  13. In love, in most cases, men are more utilitarian than women.
Most of them will not do meaningless things, so if a man takes care of you by all means, don’t assume that he just wants to have a pure sibling relationship with you.
  14. Smart and intelligent are not the same.
Cleverness only means that iq is high, and cleverness is not only clever, but also knows where to be smart and where you should not be smart.
I hope you learn to be smart.
  15. If you have learned intelligence, then you should understand the essence of “women are talentless.”
Smarter than men at the right time, and better than men at the right time. These are all things that a smart woman can manage.
  16. If you want to know who a person is most close to, just look at the resident information on his or her mobile phone.
So one day when you are particularly reluctant to delete someone’s information, you may already like him.
  17. If you have the chance, make a meal with him.
Even if it is not delicious, it will be your most beautiful memory.
  18. Don’t use other ids to try to seduce your boyfriend to test his loyalty to you, because no matter what the result, you will not be satisfied.
  19. When sending him to the car, be sure to watch the car affectionately.
Your nostalgic eyes will be the lights of his return.  20, he glanced more at the beauties on the street, don’t be jealous.

Take a look with him and comment on the actual situation. Some of them are “very good, forward and backward, but the front shape is not good” or “if you can live with ps, her skin can be seenAlready.
“In short, he turned his attention to the details.

If the beauty is too perfect, and there are no blemishes that make him feel boring, then accompany him for a few more glances, anyway, there are not many such opportunities.

  21. If he was not very happy when he was forced to say “I love you” for the first time, then don’t have a second time easily.

Because he doesn’t think you are cute like that.

Besides, that answer is not very meaningful in many cases.

  22. Don’t embarrass your boyfriend in public and don’t lose his temper at him.

Be nice to his friends and brothers, always remember that women should be more virtuous, even if everyone still thinks of themselves as a little girl.

  23. No matter how close a female friend is, don’t let her stay with her and her boyfriend for the sake of fun.

  24. Few people do not face the pain of broken love.

In this regard, I do not want to persuade you in the usual way.

Just want to say that no one in this world is obliged to be 100% good to another person.

Don’t think about breaking up, he will take care of you and considerate you as before.

  25. Don’t believe in anything like the constellation test. Don’t be thrilled to see it analyze your personality: Really, it’s so accurate!

These things are universal.

  26. Caring for others is a habit.

Don’t show compassion and cuteness to small animals only when a man is present.

These should all be a habit.

  27. Don’t completely trust the above 26 items I said, because these are just my experiences.

Some of them I did, so I am happy and happy, and some of them I have not understood until now, so I have no earlier happiness and happiness.

I just hope that you will get them earlier than me.