[Drink traditional Chinese medicine to eat crabs]_Chinese herbal medicine_Tongchi

[Drink traditional Chinese medicine to eat crabs]_Chinese herbal medicine_Tongchi

Crab meat is fresh and tender, with high nutritional value. Autumn is the best season to eat crabs.

However, crabs are not other seafood or river fresh. There are many taboos when eating crabs. Don’t underestimate these details, and sometimes even have a great impact on the body. This is the case when drinking Chinese medicine.Officer.

So, is it OK to drink Chinese medicine to eat crabs?

Let’s take a look below.

1. Eating hairy crabs while drinking Chinese medicine will not cause poisoning, but it will definitely cause the curative effect of the drug. If the important ingredients of the drink are in conflict with hairy crabs, you must pay special attention, and you must not miss the efficacy of the drug because of greed.

2. Because crab contains arsenic compounds, it reacts with certain ingredients in medicine to produce arsenic.

It is best to be more than three to five hours.

While taking Chinese medicine, do not eat foods that hinder the effectiveness of the medicine and are not good for your condition.

Appropriately, when taking traditional Chinese medicine of heat-clearing medicine, it is not suitable to eat hot food such as onion, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat; when taking Chinese medicine for the treatment of “cold”, cold food should be fasted: take sweat medicine, avoid vinegar and coldFood; take tonics, avoid tea, radish, etc.

Some foods are not good for certain conditions and should not be consumed.

People with sores, boils, swollen venom, and itchy skin should not eat fish, shrimp, beef and mutton with fishy foods to avoid irritation.

3, if taking Chinese medicine does not avoid fishy pimple, often affect the efficacy.

What are the taboo foods when taking Chinese medicine?

Such as fish, shrimp, seafood smell, beef and sheep flavor.

For those with allergic hypertension, allergic rhinitis, sores, eczema, urticaria and other allergic dermatitis, you must avoid eating fishy stuff while taking Chinese medicine. You should also eat less chicken, sheep, pork head, crab, gooseWait for the hot and spicy hair.

Because this type of food contains foreign proteins, some patients are particularly sensitive and prone to allergies, thereby aggravating the condition.